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Thursday 7/24/14

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Happy Thursday, folks! Here’s our little show:

The festivities began this morning with the first of four “Good News” segments. The news can be such a downer (seems especially so lately), so we took it upon ourselves to brighten your day and let you know that good things ARE still going on. Things are always good here in the Mini Mansion, we’re surrounded by naked ladies.

After that, we chatted with our buddy Mr. Skin, and even re-created some of his pics using our hot models Erika, Rayshell, and Adria. Celebs are one thing, but real-live re-creations give them a run for their money.

Following that, we checked out a new app that’s in beta right now, and it’s called Nipple.IQ. It’s a sexual tracking app that allows you to anonymously tell the world when you have sex, how you have sex, etc. and it takes the data and tells you where you fit in the world. Ever wanted to know how many people worldwide got oral sex today? Well now you can!

We took a short break and then welcomed in Annabella Gutman, Miss Los Angeles 2014! Annabella gave us the low-down on the behind-the-scenes action that goes on at these pageants, and we put our girls to the test in our Pageant School. They learned balance, the art of the Q and A, and honed their quick-change skills. We think they’re ready for their own dash for a sash.


Wednesday 7/23/14

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Everybody do the Hump-Day-Hump! It’s the Playboy Morning Show.

We got things going this morning by chatting with not one, but TWO brand-new Playboy Models in our Hot Model Adoption. Margaret and Stephanie beguiled us as they regaled some tales of their past, and their sexual hopes for the future. We even got them to do an impromptu photo-shoot session with us, free of charge.


After that, we brought in Amber and Sara and talked to all four girls about Comic Con, which starts this week down in San Diego. It’s not just for nerds anymore, as more and more hot girls are getting their cosplay on, so we decided to have these ladies come up with their very own superhero using the mountain of props and costumes that we have here at our disposal. We’re super stoked to see what they come up with…

While the ladies were getting dressed up, we welcomed in Omari Hardwick, star of the Starz show “Power,” which is executive produced by 50 Cent. We talked to Omari about doing fake drugs on TV and how he approached Fiddy about his terrible first pitch. Andrea even stepped up to the plate and threw a nice fastball (or, fast apple) right at Omari’s head! Good thing he’s got all that football training, that could’ve done some damage.


We took a short break and then came back to play Creepy or Horny, which is just what it sounds like. Today’s subject was a Japanese man who likes to dress up like an anime schoolgirl. You be the judge.

Finally, it was time to reveal the superheroines! We saw the whole gamut of powers, costumes, and sweet fighting moves, but the real test… was one of the mind. That’s right, it’s a super special edition of Know It or Show It, the world’s longest-running naked game show. After a thorough test of all things comics, we found out that these ladies don’t really have what it takes to beat the nerds at their own game. Maybe next year, girls.

Tuesday 7/22/14

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It’s another Booby Tuesday here in the MIni Mansion, so let’s check it out.

Today we began by checking out a story about a husband who wrote up a spreadsheet that outlined all the times his wife refused him sex, and her excuse. There were the old staples (headaches, tiredness) and some new ones (just got back from the gym, “Friends” is on). We decided to ask our Hot Girl Focus Group about their own Sex-cuses and what they thought of this woman’s reasons for shutting her man down. Note that the opinions of hot girls reflected in this segment do not necessarily reflect the views of the Playboy Morning Show, but they probably do.

Next, we talked on the phone with Garyn Angel, founder of Magical Butter, a device about the size of a french press that you can use to make cannabis-inspired butters and even sexual weed creams. Just don’t mix up the two.Then again…

After a short break, we welcomed in rapper and star of the MTV2 show “Mac Miller and the Most Dope Family,” Mac Miller himself. Mac talked about his show returning for a second season, and we even were kind enough to read him some of the criticisms that Youtubers made about the last season.


Finally, we brought in our ladies to play a quick game of Last Nipple Standing, where they froze their poor boobs in the name of competition. The girl whose nipple got the most rock-hard and stayed that way would win, but when you play such a game of kings, everyone wins.

Monday 7/21/14

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Welcome to another fresh, lemon-scented week of Playboy Morning Shows!

We kicked this week off by checking in with some Playboy covers from around the globe, in our international “Spot the Bunny” game. It turns out, having the words be in another language actually makes the bunny logo pop out more, for some reason. Or maybe they just don’t try as hard in Eastern Europe…

After that, we dusted off the good ol’ Gratuitous Nudity button for some random nakedness. Today saw our girls filling out some paperwork, which turned out to just be coloring paper. We try to keep it professional here, but it’s a losing battle.

Next, we welcomed in comedy/music madman, “Weird Al” Yankovic! His new album, “Mandatory Fun,” is out now, and you should definitely check it out, there’s some really great parodies and originals on that thing. We’re lucky enough to have him on the same day he’s wrapping up his 8-music-video-in-8-days internet takeover, so we got to ask him what it’s like to finally have them all out in the ether.


We only play “Song TITles” with musicians that have a wide-spanning discography and storied career… so naturally, we had to play with Al! Lindsey and Lauryn went head-to-head and tried to get Al to guess his own song titles as they acted them out. It’s tough to do charades for regular songs… but for parodies? Now that’s a tall order. Our girls still did a pretty good job, though.

After a short break, we had our lovely Greek Translator Tatiana come in to read us an excerpt from a Greek Playboy that featured a picture of Kevin and Andrea. What could the blurb possibly say? Is our show big in Greece? Turns out it had nothing to do with the show, and didn’t even mention Kevin or Andrea by name. Go figure.

Finally, we beguiled “Weird” Al with a Foil Fashion Show in honor of his “Royals” parody, lovingly called “Foil.” In the end, he decided he like the outfit with the conic helmet the best, and Lauryn now has bragging rights for life.

Thursday 7/17/14

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Happy Thirsty Thursday, folks. As we wind down the end of another week, we rev up our plans for the weekend. It’s the circle of life.

We started the show off today by talking with Mr. Skin, who had among his usual naked and famous fare, also shared a scene from “True Blood,” where a guest on our show got topless. Stay tuned…

After that, we read through some of our Fe-Mails from viewers such as yourselves. If you ever need help convincing your partner to masturbate, you’ve come to the right inbox.

Next, we talked with Abre, another one of our models who is featured on Playboy TV’s own “Naked Ambition.” She talked about how she got seduced by a couple, and what led to her helping them out in bed (hint: it was booze).

We took a short break and then we ran through our Topless 10 List, featuring Vampire Pick-Up lines that would even give Dracula some wood.

After that, we welcomed in Bailey Noble, one of the stars of HBO’s “True Blood,” whom Mr. Skin mentioned before. She talked about the final season wrapping up, and about what would happen if she spilled the beans about what goes down (something with lawyers, which are kind of like vampires when you think about it).


Finally, we finished up with some Raw Data. Our ladies took to their note cards to guess the percentages from various sexual stats around the world. Every wrong answer means a spin on the Wheel of Percentages, which dictates how much clothing they would lose. Hey, how much is 12.5% of a bra, anyway?

Wednesday 7/16/14

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It’s the middle of the week, and we’ve got a shot in the arm to get you ready to start the second half… We’re mixing metaphors here, but you get what I’m saying, IT’S THE PLAYBOY MORNING SHOW, BABY!!

Ahem. So. We started the show this particular morning by reading the first series in our “Apology Notes” segments, where our lovely ladies write their very own “sorrys” to people and inanimate objects in their lives. Sometimes its nice to just to hear it, you know?

We then talked via Skype with funnyman, podcaster, and author of the new book, “Rubber Balls and Liquor,” Gilbert Gottfried. He proved why he’s the most daring comedian out there today, and helped supplement his article in our July/August issue of Playboy on being part of the “Apology Epidemic.” To continue on the theme of offering condolences, we played a game called “Sorry/Not Sorry” where Gilbert gave advice on when to apologize based on hypothetical situations. Spoiler alert: almost never, except when it costs Gilbert himself some money.

We took a break and then welcomed in Sterling “Steelo” Brim, from the MTV show “Ridiculousness,” which has just started its 5th season. Steelo talked about how he got his start in radio, and the real secret to what makes a video of somebody getting hurt funny.

To round out the show, we put Steelo’s skills as a commentator to the test, by playing “What Happens Next?” Playmates of a decade ago edition. 10 years doesn’t seem like a long time ago until you check out some of our Playmate videos and realize that we were all a little bit more young and naive back then… That’s the only way to explain the silliness that exists within.

Tuesday 7/15/14

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It’s Tuesday and we’re ready to get it started. So let’s. Do that. Start it up.

Things got crazy quickly, as more HiddenCash is out there in the world, more HiddenAss is around our studio and green room. There could be some HiddenAss around you right now and you might not even know it! Sometimes it’s right under your pants.

We also learned that not only are apples good for your health, they’re good if you like to keep it wet down below… According to a new study, women who eat more apples have a better “lubrication” procedure. Now that’s what we call fresh-squeezed apple juice. Anyway, we sent out our man-on-the-street Horny Rob to an apple orchard to investigate first-hand. Things quickly devolved, but we can’t blame Rob, those are some saucy apples.

After that, we welcomed in Bert Kreisher, comedian and author of the new book “Life of the Party: Stories of a Perpetual Man-Child.” It’s out now, and you should definitely check it out, as it’s chock-full of crazy stories. You can find out for yourself why he’s called “The Machine”…


We took a short break and then came back with a mystery guest for Bert, Kevin, and Andrea to guess. They blindfolded up and then asked questions, eventually with Kevin hitting the nail right on the head (trust us, we’re as shocked as you are): It’s Farrah Abraham, of “Teen Mom” fame. She’s ALSO got a book out called “Sex Tape: In The Making,” so her and Bert had a lot in common after all.


BUT! How much in common? We decided to check with a little game called “Teen or Machine,” where our hot models tried to see if they could pin the fact to the right guest. It was actually pretty easy.


Monday 7/14/14

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It’s another week and we’ve got another show! Let’s go to work.

We began the show today by looking at Kevin’s picture of the Super Moon over the weekend… which turned out to be a tiriple moon. That really is super.

After that, we took a look at some of the World Cup fans we missed from the game yesterday. Our cameras panned the crowd and found a girl who misspelled goal, a flag jumper, and two sad Argentina fans who made the best of a bad situation. See you in four years, soccer!

We then kicked off our Playboy Poll, asking you, our loyal audience, to tell us where the best place to have sex outside is: the pool, camping, the beach, or ALL OF THE ABOVE. It’s  choose-your-own-adventure democracy in action.

Next, we welcomed in Dr. Lauren Streicher, a gynecologist who we’ve had on the show before, to promote the Intensity sexual device. Andrea got one last time she was in, and we got to hear just how things have changed… “grip”-wise. She can’t crush a beer can quite yet, but practice makes perfect.


We came back from break and brought in actor Adam Korson, from the CW show “Seed,” about a guy who unknowingly fathers a brood of children due to his sperm donations. We decided to honor our guest by playing a special “man-seed” edition of “Name That Alleged Perv.” Things got a little sticky.

Lastly, the results of our Playboy Poll are in! Camping won out with 50% of the total vote, and the pool surprisingly didn’t get a single vote. Must be all the chemicals.

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Thursday 7/10/14

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Thirsty Thursday is here! Let’s get to the show…

We began the show today, as so many Thursdays before, by talking with Mr. Skin! In his usual style, he brought us the best naked actors from around Hollywood, and was even nice enough to play a little Pun on Pun with Kevin. He’s a gentleman AND a scholar.

After that, we ran through our Feastiality segment, featuring our hot models describing four of the best State Fair foods from around the country. We haven’t met a deep-fried, on-a-stick food yet that we haven’t liked.

Andrew Zimmern joined us next via Skype (and in some stylish bunny ears) to talk to us about bizarre foods and how the weird has bled into the mainstream. He also dropped some truth-bombs on our ladies as they prepared to make their own fashion statements out of foodstuffs.

We took a short break and then welcomed in Jason Quinn, winner of Season 2 of Food Network’s “Food Truck Wars.” He’s also got a restaurant called Playground where the menu changes every day! If you’re ever in Santa Ana, you’ve gotta check it out.


But Jason only makes up half of our celebrity guest judges, the second is none other than Major League Eating star Mary Bowers. She just came off a great showing at the world-famous Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, and she has a food-clothes calendar (that you can get on her website), so we thought she’d be perfect to help us judge…


Meals on Heels! It’s a food fashion spectacular, and our hot models, Sara, Carly, Chelsie, and Lauryn showed off their duds. In the end, Lauryn’s hot pepper hot pants took the cake. The taste-test will have to wait until after the show.


Wednesday 7/9/14

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It’s time to climb the hump, ladies and gentlemen. Let’s get over it and roll down the other side.

The show got started this particular morning with a little Spot the Bunny. It’s one of the oldest Playboy games there is, and it hasn’t gotten any easier as the issues roll out. Even old pros like Kevin and Andrea get stumped from time to time.

After that, it was time to check out the news in our Good Naked/Bad Naked segment. Today we looked at a drugged up woman running naked through a gas station and a naked truck surfer who caused an accident and then fled. We decided to recreate the latter and believe us when we say our girls looked like they had a blast.


Next, it was time for the Wheel! Of! Fantasy! We welcomed back reigning fantasy participant Tim from Maine to have the wheel spun for him, which landed on Naked Yoga Class. Let’s just say he’s not going to become a yogi any time soon.

We took a short break and then welcomed in Sarah Colonna, funny person and author of  the book “Life as I Blow It.” As if being a published author wasn’t good enough, Adam Sandler’s production company just bought the rights to turn it into a TV show. Did we mention she’s also dating a Seattle Seahawk? Some people have all the luck.


Since Sarah is such a presence on the Twitter-sphere, we decided to test her might with a little game called Top Teets vs. Top Tweets, wherein our girls attempt to out-wit and out-tweet a comedian. We only had time for one topic, but it produced some gems. Keep those thumbs moving, folks, and tweet at us! @PBMorningShow



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