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Happy Holidays!

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We will return live January 3rd! Until then, please enjoy our best-of shows, and our Sexiest Moments of 2010 broadcast, which will air on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.

Kevin, Andrea, Gina, Jaron and Jennifer

Friday 12/17/10

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We had our annual Yankee Swap, and this time it was Kevin who got stuck with the crappy gift – Jaron’s, natch – after Andrea stole his first one, candy canes full of booze! Bad luck, Kevin. Maybe next year Jaron will shop someplace other than Goodwill.

Also, it was GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS!! All morning, sitting on Sandrea Claus’ lap and telling her all about the naughty things they did this year – and of course, getting their spankings…

You can check out the full gallery here.

We spoke to David Anthony from Bondi Digital Publishing regarding our final item in the 5 Vintage Things Every Man Should Own category – the ENTIRE collection on Playboy magazines! The company has created something called Playboy Cover to Cover, which is every magazine from 1953 thru December 2009 in digital form! Over 650 issues and more than 100,000 pages covering a span of 56 years – all on an external hard drive. An AMAZING holiday gift! Lucky listener Carmen won a collection, but you can purchase one of your own here.

Also, a HUGE THANKS to our friends who sent us lots of fabulous gifts from Playboy’s December 2010 issue Holiday Gift Guide, and elsewhere in the magazine, to give away! These included Jack Stab Barbecue gift cards, Baxter of California male skin care products, Made By Ammo stainless steel shotgun shot glasses, Novica Rustic Warrior chess set, and Death’s Door Vodka.

Last but not least, we welcomed the newest member of our team, Jennifer. The world awaits her sexy Underwear Updates.

Thursday 12/16/10

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Today we spoke with Kassie Lyn Logsdon – Miss May 2010. Kevin and Andrea both agree that her Playboy pictorial was one of the sexiest in years. If she wins Playmate of the Year 2010, she promises to let the fans decide what her next photos will look like.

Also, Playboy bombshell Bridget Marquardt joined us in-studio. She shared her favorite holiday drink recipes, and brought cookies for everyone! And her outfit was FABULOUS!

And continuing with the 5 Vintage Things Every Man Should Own… a pinball machine! We spoke with Nic Parks, owner of The Pinball Company in Columbia, Missouri. Want an original Pac-Man arcade game? You can get one for under $3,000 bucks! Sweet!

Sneak Peek!

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Andrea goes lesbo for her latest movie!

Wednesday 12/15/10

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The lovely Heather Rae Young – Playboy’s Miss February 2010 – dropped by with her little dog. A little dog that attacked Kevin. That’s what he gets for trying to touch a Playmate! Heather is in the running for Playmate of the Year. You can vote for her here. She’s a gem!

And it was a lively segment of Know It Or Show It with 5 girls!! A lot of “show it” this round. Just the way we like it.

Also, on our list of the 5 Vintage Things Every Man Should Own is CHAMPAGNE. We talked to Gary Westby, Champagne Buyer for K&L Wine Merchants. They have a terrific selection of wines and champagnes, perfect for New Year’s Eve.

Today’s giveaway comes from John Varvatos – their 10th Anniversary Fragrance for men. The company is featured in Playboy’s Holiday Gift Guide in the December issue of the magazine, they have many amazing gift ideas.

Tuesday 12/14/10

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Sexy Playboy Live Ballerina Ariana joined us in-studio today. She showed us all of her signature moves, which showed us all of her

We also spoke to Miss November Shera Bechard. The polls are open for Playmate of the Year! You can vote on the Playboy website.

This week, we’re covering the 5 Vintage Things Every Man Should Own. Today’s item – a motorcycle. We talked to Buzz Walneck from Walneck’s Classic Cycle. They have an amazing selection, and  ladies love the bikes, boys.

And it was Gina’s turn to go Homo For the Holidays! She called her cousin Erica who surprised everyone by going homo in return. CLASSIC. We may have to make her a regular.

Monday 12/13/10

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The crew went crotch-to-crotch in our 3rd Annual Naughty Cookie Contest!

Finishing in LAST PLACE was Jaron…but you knew that was going to happen.

Gina didn’t do much better. Although her presentation wasn’t bad, she got zero points for taste.

Kevin went with a Two Girls One Cupcake motif. His cookie almost won…

But it was Andrea who impressed the judges with her anal beads, leather thong, and penis cookie creation. There’s a story in there someplace.

Also, it was Kevin’s turn to go Homo For the Holidays! He had to call his mom. He told her he likes eating hot dogs because they look like penises.

And we chatted with Lew Prince, owner of Vintage Vinyl in St. Louis. He says that Miles Davis is his number one seller when it comes to Vinyl, and that every man should have a Miles record in his collection.

Also, this week we’re giving away items from Playboy’s Holiday Gift Guide in the December issue. Today we gave away a SWEEEEEET La Palina Cigars gift pack. Check out their website for more info.