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Do you live in Dallas, or know someone who does? If so, we want to meet you! That is, if you’re up for a good time. We’ll be broadcasting from The Big D next week in support of The Big Game…and the even BIGGER Playboy Party! More info here.


Wednesday 1/26/11

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We were joined by the funniest midget around, Brad Williams. He cracked a few jokes, saw some boobs and coined a new term – “migga”! Playboy Live models Vanessa and Ashley Rose are the owners of said boobs.

Also, the Cyber Girl Smackdown continues! Who will be crowned Cyber Girl of the Year? We talked to Beth Williams – CGOM January 2010, and Brandi Bryant – CGOM September 2010. They each gave us their campaign pitch. Brandi says she’s been working out like crazy and promises new sexy pics. Beth says she’s all natural and you should vote for her. You can learn more – and vote – at Playboy’s Cyber Club online.

Beth Williams

Brandi Bryant

Monday 1/24/11

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Current Playboy Vixens cover model Laya Belle stopped by to show us how flexible she is. She brought her friend Aubrey who gave Laya her very FIRST lesbian kiss!! You can see the video here.


We also chatted with sexy Cyber Girl Jamie Bradford, who is in the running for Playboy’s Cyber Girl of the Year 2011. Voting begins next week. In the meantime, you can enjoy her fabulous photos here.

Friday 1/21/11

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The very funny Charlie Murphy joined us in-studio with his opening act, Freeze Luv! They were treated to the comedy stylings of our lovely Playboy Live model, Jenny Rae, who conveniently misplaced her shirt.

Thursday 1/20/11

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Yesterday, Andrea’s beautiful boobies picked the Pittsburg Steelers to win over the New York Jets & the Green Bay Packers to win over the Chicago Bears in the AFC/NFC Game this weekend. To make her titties’ decision official, Kevin painted Steelers & Packers helmets on them. Such a great idea from one of our listeners! You can check out the full gallery here.



Mr. Skin’s number top skin scene this week is Natalie Portman in “No Strings Attached” & “Hotel Chevalier.”

And we played NAME THAT NARCOTIC! True stories of drugged out, boozed up and even sober people doing dumb things. Like the man who had sex with a woman for an hour-and-a half before realizing she was dead.

Wednesday 1/19/11

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Andrea pulled out her titties once again for this weekend’s playoff picks! Who did The Titties choose? Check out the video.

Also, it was another lively game of Know it Or Show It with our sexy Playboy models Tierra Lee, Jamie Michelle and Katie Mae. They lost their clothes. We approve.

You can check out our in-studio gallery for more pictures.

Tuesday 1/18/11

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We were joined in-studio by the smokin’ hot Bikini Builders! They are donating their time and energy to help build a home for the lovely Jaime, who was ripped off by a shady contractor who demolished her home and stole over $200,000 in funds and possessions from her. You can help! Visit their website and DONATE what you can. They are building the home in their bikinis, and live streaming their progress for your viewing pleasure 😉 Please help them. We mean it. We love these gals and they could really use your assistance.

And the lovely Saira surprised us with a visit! She has a new blog about gadgets you should check out. Miss you, Saira! xo

Monday 1/17/11

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Birthday spankings…haikus…a sex expert…Michael Kosta…Pin the bra on the birthday girl. It was a wild morning! You can see the full gallery here.

Friday 1/14/11

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We talked to Dino, owner of D’s Six Pax & Dogz in Pittsburgh. They’ve named a sandwich after Andrea, in honor of her boobs picking the Steelers to win their playoff games. GO STEELERS! GO BOOBS!

Also, Brody Stevens returned once again to The Playboy Morning Show! We love Brody.

Thursday 1/13/11

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Today, stuntman Steve Rizzo stopped by. He’s been in the business for almost 20 years, and currently doubles Seth Rogen. He taught our lovely in-studio ladies – Melissa the Cop, Britney the Virgin and Listener Lisa – how to take and throw a punch, Hollywood style. GIRL FIGHT!

Jaki Nett, former Playboy Bunny and currently a pelvic yoga expert, warmed the girls up first. They all breathed through their vaginas. It was glorious.

Also, authors Maggie Arana and Julienne Davis stopped by to talk about their book, Stop Calling Him Honey…and Start Having Sex!  They claim that if you call a man by his given name, rather than by a pet name, your relationship will last longer. True? False? You can read up on it here.