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Wednesday 3/30/11

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Today we chatted with “Shovelhead” – the man who created a quilt made of women’s panties. He’s selling it for $500 – get your bids in, folks!

Also, March Badness continued with Playmate Cassandra Lynn and Playboy Live Wild Card Berlin Scott. (Berlin made the cut after Cousin Erica had to forfeit due to…errrr…jail time.) Cassandra told us about the time she had sex with a girl in a tent, while camping, in the 11th grade. And Berlin shared her story of sex in a bathroom cafe in France. With a French stranger.


And it was a LIVELY game of Know It Or Show it with models Aura Amore and Vanessa Goodmanson. Comedian Ryan Sickler dropped in as our “Ask a Comedian” lifeline. Rough gig.

Tuesday 3/29/11

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Sexy April cover model, actress, singer and all around talented hot chick Taryn Manning joined us in-studio! She got a chance to see her Playboy magazine spread for the first time, and signed a few copies for our listeners. She also talked about getting a tattoo with Britney Spears, playing guitar with Joe Pesci and getting hit on by Justin Timberlake! That’s right, JT knows sexy when he sees it. Be sure to check out Taryn’s music at her website – she rocks!

Also, did you hear about the couple that had sex on top of a building at USC? Caught on camera! Sneak peek below, but you can see the full gallery here.

Monday 3/28/11

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Back home in the Mini-Mansion! Which is actually the Mini-Mini-Mansion thanks to some flooding. Kevin and Andrea have been getting very cozy in their temporary digs 😉

This morning we chatted with Cyber Girl of The Week Kellie Smith. She’s 22 years old, loves to wear booty shorts and her breasts are 34DD! Perfect Playboy material. Check her out this week in the Playboy Cyber Club.

Also, we’re down to the Final Four in our March Badness competition! Another gorgeous Playboy Cyber Girl, Madelon Cullen, told us about the time she had a foursome in her college dorm room! Andrea predicts that she’ll win the entire thing.

And Special Editions model Laya Bella regaled us with her creepy tale of sex in the house where the original “Saw” movie was filmed. Think lingerie, clown masks and a chainsaw. No, we’re not kidding. That’s why she’s the overall favorite.

And we took a look behind the scenes of the Megan Fox Armani ad. Neither Kevin nor Andrea found it sexy to see her “pit crew” getting her ready for the shoot. Check it out and let us know…


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All week, The Playboy Morning Show comes to you live from Lake Havasu! Join us for lots of sexy college girls, plenty of cocktails and general Spring Break mayhem! Hot Tub Roulette, anyone? Asher Roth? Andrea in a SMOKIN’ HOT bikini?! You bet!

Check out our always evolving gallery HERE.

Sirius/XM 99. TURN ON!!

The Black Street Boys

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Starring…Jaron. The whitest guy ever.

Friday 3/18/11

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Today we were joined by Chef Fred from Cannabis Catering! He drove down from San Francisco to make a delicious cannabis-infused breakfast for Kevin, Andrea and our good friend Joey Coco Diaz. Crepes, whipped cream, fritattas…it was quite a meal! And the lovely Brittany Ireland stopped by to serve it 😉 If you have the proper medical marijuana credentials, you can enjoy Chef Fred’s AMAZING creations. Check out his website here and follow him on Twitter here. Great guy, great food!

And lovely Cyber Girl Laura Nicole showed off her comedy skills during “Can a Bunny Make a Funny?” Her dress was  SO SMOKIN’ HOT that we can’t remember if she was funny or not – we weren’t really paying attention. Comedienne Amy Ashton provided the material, and promoted her new book How to Score With A Girl, By A Girl.

Thursday 3/17/11

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St. Patrick’s Day at the Mini Mansion!!

It was an amazing day with Playboy Cyber Girls, Special Editions models, Golf Girls, hot bartenders from Sagebrush Cantina, Playboy Imbiber Dan Dunn, leprechaun Brad Williams, and so much more! Check out the full gallery HERE.