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The Playboy Morning Show

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Thursday 4/28/11

Another day, another show jam-packed with SEXY women! We kicked things off with Wet & Wild Special Editions model Jamie Jenkins. She joined us from the UK, and confessed that she doesn’t really care about the Royal Wedding. She also likes it when guys wear eyeliner. Good news for Kevin, since he let Jenn put make-up on him this morning. (OK we coerced him, but he didn’t take it off.)

We also talked to Bonnie-Jill Laflin, the first and only female NBA scout who recently posed nude for PETA. Well, sort-of nude. It seems they airbrushed out her teeny weeny panties. Still looks like the real deal to us! Bonnie-Jill scouts for The Lakers and mingles with the likes of Kobe Bryant, Lamar Odom, and Derek Fisher, and was personally responsible for bringing Jordan Farmar to the team!

And West Coast Hooters Hotties Danielle, Drea and Dolce Marie stopped by to jump on a trampoline. We repeat – TO JUMP ON A TRAMPOLINE. Yes, we have the coolest job in the world…and we share it with you.

Wednesday 4/27/11

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Today Britany the Virgin turned the tables on Kevin and Andrea – and interviewed THEM for her college broadcasting class! She dressed up in her studious attire and everything. What did we learn? That Andrea’s been in showbiz most of her life…that Kevin can’t take an interview seriously…and that Britany can’t pronounce ‘Penelope’ properly – even though it’s her dog’s name.


Britany also stuck around for our Wednesday tradition of Know It Or Show It. Along with Nikki, Jamie and Kiera, that added up to four ladies battling it out to be the smartest hottie in the room. In the end, they all lost their tops.



As always, you can find the full gallery of our in-studio fun HERE.

Tuesday 4/26/11

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It was a great day in the Mini Mansion as Miss July 2010 Shanna McLaughlin dropped by unexpectedly! We love it when Playmates come to visit. She showed off her vast knowledge of all things Seinfeld, and Kevin fell in love on the spot. We’ve never seen him so flustered! Of course, the fact that she’s tall, blonde and gorgeous didn’t hurt, either.

We also chatted with our Co-ed of the Week Naj’a Irie, and our Cyber Girl of the Week Miranda Jordan. Hot chick overload! You can see both girls’ SEXY nude photos in Playboy’s Cyber Club.



Friday 4/22/11

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Playboy’s newly crowned Cyber Girl of the Year 2011 Bethanie Badertscher stopped by the Mini-Mansion to take off her clothes! And get a naked massage! Well, also to chat about her new title, as well as why she likes to have sex to classical music – better orgasms! She also let Andrea stack CDs on her nipples to see how many would stay on. Yes, we have video. Just for you.

You can see Bethanie’s full Mini-Mansion gallery here.

Also, The Fonz checked in! TV and film legend Henry Winkler has a new book coming out called “I’ve Never Met and Idiot on the River.” He’s a fly-fishing enthusiast and all-around great guy. Although, he did tell us about the time he stuck his fork in a woman’s plate of food while visiting The Playboy Mansion. She wasn’t very happy about it. It’s OK, Fonzie – you can stick your fork in our food anytime!


And comedienne Judy Tenuta stopped by with her trusty accordion. The woman does not age! She looks great and her irreverent humor is right up our alley. Good to see you, Judy!

Thursday 4/21/11

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We checked in with our GORGEOUS new Playmate, Miss May 2011 Sasha Bonilova. Not only is she stunning but her breasts are out of this world – and getting bigger! Sasha says she keeps outgrowing her bras. Here’s a sneak peek of her pictorial. Pick up the May issue for the full spread.

Also, it was our lucky day! Another Playmate dropped in, Miss November 2002 Serria Tawan. She’s one of  the Playmate Dancers behind the “We Love Japan” fundraiser happening Wednesday April 27th at The Colony nightclub in Hollywood. If you’re in the area, you should definitely be there. Hot Playmates and a great cause! Check out the Playmate Dancers website for more info.


We spoke to Keith Koons, Editor of My Poker Basics dot com, about the recent FBI crackdown on online poker sites. MPB offers information on a variety of web destinations for gamblers who still want to get their fix, legally, as well as tips for playing the game.

We also visited with Inga and Zoya from Anastasia International, the world’s largest international dating service. These lovely Russian ladies are single and hoping to settle down with American men. Interested, guys? You can visit their website and plead your case.

Wednesday 4/20/11 *Extravaganja show*!!

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Nothing says happy 420 like celebrity stoners! Today Tommy Chong, Guillermo Diaz and Doug Benson joined us on the “Potline” to discuss all things weed. Tommy told us about the first time he got stoned – while listening to Lenny Bruce. Guillermo says there are no plans for a sequel to “Half-Baked” at the moment, and Doug – well, he was just high.

Also, the gorgeous ladies from the film Hollywood Sex Wars stopped by with tasty THC treats! Andrea got high. Jaron got high. The treats are part of a promotion for the movie. You can actually log onto their website for all the recipes!

And Brenda, Afton and Sherri – our local Hooters bikini contest winners – stopped by for a game of Know It Or Show It! They were joined by ANOTHER Brenda for quadruple the pleasure! Clothing was shed. Fun was had!

Tuesday 4/19/11

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Funny guy Jo Koy stopped by the Mini-Mansion. We found out that his mom is a radio DJ, that he bought veneers with his $58,000 tax refund, and that for the right price, he’d take on a gig as a male escort. Although that last one may have been a flirt tactic to impress our other guest, former high-class British escort Rebecca Dakin. Rebecca is now an escort mentor and dating coach…with a hot accent. They joined Kevin and Andrea for a game of  CrossTable RoundFire, weighing-in on important topics such as the royal wedding, rental tuxedos and underwear with pro-virginity messages on them.

Also, Burlesque dancers Lucy Fur and Ursulina from LUCHA VaVOOM stopped in to show us how they twirl tassels on their boobs. Yes, we have video, for your viewing pleasure. Be sure to check out their Cinco de Mayo show if you’re in either Los Angeles or Chicago on May 5th.


Monday 4/18/11

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Today we got a visit from Windell Middlebrooks, a.k.a. The Miller High Life Guy! You know him, you love him. Especially the ladies. A woman once offered Windell an entire WEEK of sex! He’s on a new ABC show called “Body of Proof.” You should check it out. He’s a great guy – even though he didn’t bring us any beer. Jenn swooned.

For our Weekly Chronicle segment, we spoke to Ray Logan, founder of Marijuana State University! That’s right, a college strictly for stoners. We approve.

Shamel toe!!!

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Big thanks to listener Tom!

Thursday 4/14/11

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The Playboy Morning Show

It was a BUSY DAY at the Mini Mansion! We talked to Hollywood icon and personal friend of Hef’s, James Caan! He told us about hanging out with members of the mob, not hanging out with Will Ferrell when they were filming “Elf” (not for lack of trying, mind you), and his concern that Hollywood won’t be able to produce enough good films for his son Scott. He also shared the most important life lesson he learned from Hef: when you give, you get back. Words to live by!

And it was the day three lucky listeners had been waiting for! Brian, Marc and Phil brought their motorcycles to our studios, in the hopes that Miss April 2011 Jaclyn Swedberg would straddle their ride. Brian, who drove all the way from North Carolina, was the big winner of the morning, and as promised, Jaclyn recreated her Playboy pictorial on his bike! She was also kind enough to take a few pictures for our runners-up. It was a morning they’ll never forget! Neither will we.

You can see the full gallery HERE.