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Thursday 6/30/11

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Today we did a little gambling and played “Rack Jack” with Playboy Cyber Girl and professional poker player Nicolette Shea! “Rack Jack” is our sexy twist on Black Jack. Nicolette placed several cards all over her beautiful body as listeners called in & picked cards off of her. Watching her her pull cards out of her cleavage and panties? HOT. We also determined that she has the longest legs in the history of legs.

And funny guy Christopher Titus called in to tell us about the horny college student he’s dating, his vacation home in the woods, and that he may be running for President in 2012. We’ll see. He also has a new comedy special called “Christopher Titus: Neverlution” which airs Sunday, July 3rd at 9 p.m. on Comedy Central. He says it’s funny. Again, we’ll see.

Wednesday 6/29/11

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Today we spoke with Jon Benjamin, the star of Comedy Central’s new show, “Jon Benjamin Has a Van.” You may know him as the voice of Sterling Archer on the show “Archer,” or as Bob in “Bob’s Burgers.” He once had a job kicking masturbators out of a library. Now he has a van. You can see the chaos that ensues every Wednesday evening at 10:30/9:30c.


And talk about BOOBS! Annie Hawkins-Turner, a.k.a. “Norma Stitz” has been honored by the Guinness Book of World Records for having the largest natural breasts – a massive 102ZZZ! “Norma” joined us to discuss her assets, which she didn’t let a man touch until she was in college. She also confessed that she loves to rub oil on herself, and wouldn’t mind getting together with President Obama, if you know what we mean. We love Norma!

And it’s Wednesday, so you know what that means – Know It Or Show It! We had three lovely ladies in-studio for a battle of the minds – Sarah, Denise and Alyssa! Categories included:

  • Lady Liberty Threw Uncle Sam Out of Bed, Leaving Him With a Wicked Case of  Red, White and Blue Balls (Patriotic Trivia)
  • The Lesbian Vampires Couldn’t Wait For That Time of the Month (Vampire Trivia)
  • New York is Now Allowing Gay Marriages, Which is Good News For Gays, Lesbians and Transgenders Living in the Big Adam’s Apple (Gay Trivia)

In the end, clothing was lost, but we didn’t get full nudity. Luckily, there’s always next week.

Tuesday 6/28/11

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BIG DAY in the Mini Mansion! Larry “The Soup Nazi” Thomas joined us to guest-host our first annual “Seinfeld-Off” between Kevin and Miss July 2010, Playmate Shanna McLaughlin. Questions included:
– What does Newman do for a living?
– Which baseball cap does Elaine refuse to take off at the Yankees game?
– How do Jerry and Elaine know each other?
…and many others. We were all rooting for Shanna (sorry, Kev), but in the end, The Knight Rider displayed superior Seinfeld knowledge, and walked away with the title. However, we are hearing rumors of cheating…

Wanna hear Larry say his classic line for us? Go here.

After the big contest, Shanna’s “Playboy Trip: Patagonia” co-star Lauren Elise popped in to talk about their new show, which airs July 3rd at 10 P.M. on Playboy TV. Playmate Jaclyn Swedberg and model Dani Mathers round out the sexy cast. What’s in store for viewers? Naked photo shoots in snow-covered mountains, topless sunbathing on exotic beaches – and so much more! Go here for more info.

We talked to marijuana advocate Montel Williams, who is a consultant for The Abatin Wellness Center in Sacramento. Montel has been using cannabis to combat Multiple Sclerosis, which he was diagnosed with 12 years ago – and it’s been working for him. We were thrilled to hear that Montel is currently investigating the benefits of weed smoothies. TASTY.


And the ladies from A Little Bit Dirty stopped by to clean up the joint. What’s so unique about this company? For a few dollars extra, they’ll clean your house (or boat, or plane) TOPLESS, and give you a lap dance afterward! Just when you thought vacuuming couldn’t get any hotter.

Monday 6/27/11

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Nothing makes a Monday better than an in-studio visit from a Playmate! Playboy’s newest beauty Miss July 2011, Jessa Hinton, joined us to celebrate her title and to share some sexy secrets. For example, she discovered she was bisexual at age 13, she was 16 the first time she had sex with a guy – as well as a girl, and she enjoys giving a “69” style blowjob – without receiving! In fact, Jessa says she’s perfected this move and is getting a trophy made for herself. We love her. Did we mention she got naked? She got naked. Check out the gallery.

Lovely models Brittany and Katrina joined us for an eye-popping game of Fandemonium. Only one round in and they were showing us the goods! Brittany also declined rumors of romance between her and JaRon. We don’t buy it for a second.

We also spoke to former teen pop sensation, Tiffany. She’s in a new movie called “Mega Python vs. Gatoroid” – in which she faces-off with her real-life teen rival, Debbie Gibson! It’s Playboy’s “DVD of the Month” for July. Good, campy fun. Check it out. Also, here’s some trivia for you: Tiffany and Debbie have both appeared naked in the pages of Playboy.


And we drooled over Playboy’s Miss Social June finalist, Anna Lieb. Talk about GORGEOUS! She’s Swedish, sultry, and once had a threesome with two brothers! You can vote for her to be crowned Playboy’s next Miss Social here.

Friday 6/24/11

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Today funny guy Eddie Ifft stopped by the Mini Mansion for our world-famous “Can a Bunny Make a Funny” segment. We paired him up with Special Editions model Ashley Ilenfeld. Eddie tricked both Ashley and Andrea into taking off their tops. YES! He’ll be invited back. Ashley’s stand-up routine ? Who cares…err…we mean…splendid. Just splendid.

Have a great weekend!

The Playboy Morning Show

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Thursday 6/23/11

Yes, we had hot ladies in-studio again today….*SIGH* Super sexy Vivian Keys, our current Co-Ed of the Month stopped by – and brought her hot roomie Isabel, too! She told us all about how she wants to seduce her teacher. He should be so lucky! You can check out her full, fabulous pictorial in the Playboy Cyber Club – but here’s a sneak peek…

Also, Playmate of the Year 2008 Jayde Nicole joined us to talk about her Twitter smackdown with Holly Madison! Now THAT’S a catfight we’d pay to see! She also surprised a lucky listener with a Playmate Wake-Up call. Unfortunately, he didn’t answer…but he did get a sexy voicemail message. Not a bad day.

Our favorite paranormal expert Kris Williams called in to give us the results of the Mini Mansion Ghost Hunt. It seems we’re haunted by see-through shirts and hot asses – look out! Oh, and an evil spirit that sounds a lot like a certain someone down the hall…Be sure to catch the premiere of Kris’ show “Ghost Hunters International” on the SyFy Channel, July 13th at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

And what’s better than a submarine? A submarine filled with cocaine! We spoke with Steve Hoggard, the writer and director of “Cocaine Sub Hunt” – which offers an exclusive look at the first fully submersible drug-smuggling submarine, and tells how vessels such as these sneak cocaine into the US. Steve followed DEA agents into one of the most dangerous regions in Columbia to get the story.  “Cocaine Sub Hunt” airs this Sunday at 9 p.m. on the National Geographic Channel. Check it out!

Wednesday 6/22/11

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Today we talked to Kevin’s idol, the one and only…Weird Al Yankovic! Al has a new album out called ALpocalypse, which includes the song “Polka Face.” So, of course, we had a song-off between Al and our very own Lady GagGag – and her {cough} fan favorite {cough} “Blowjob Face.” It was a draw…Al told us that the biggest controversy of his career was over his parody “Amish Paradise.” He also told us that he’s never had sex to his own music. Oh, and the best lesson Weird Al learned from Hugh Hefner? Always use chlorine in your Grotto.

We played Know It Or Show It with sexy Playboy Live Models Havoc and Jenny Rae! They lost a lot of clothing. The last round, however, was interrupted when Kevin made the ladies take off their panties, microwave them for 20 seconds, and put them back on. GENIUS.



Also, we spoke with Special Editions model Marianela Valverde, from Playboy’s Sexy Summer Girls magazine. She lives in Costa Rica, and loves going naked to the beach. We love it when she goes naked, too.

And we chatted with Reggie Brown, the President Obama impersonator who recently got pulled off stage at a GOP Leadership Conference. He’s a Chicago native who first appeared as the President in 2008. He has not, however, tried to woo the ladies with his act. He leaves that up to the Clinton impersonator. You can learn more about Reggie here.