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Friday 7/29/11

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Today, as we always do on Fridays, we attempted to make a Bunny Funny! French comedian Mustapha stopped by to entertain us with his sharp tongue. We learned that French people don’t look gay – it’s the gay people who try to look French. Mustapha also got a little friendly with Playboy Special Editions Model Eva Marie. He put her comedy skills to the test and hit on her. We don’t blame him.

Thursday 7/28/11

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Playboy’s Miss Social July competition is underway! We spoke with Bre Marie, one of the finalists who beat out 1,500 other hot chicks to get the chance to talk to us. And boy is she HOT! Every month, Playboy gives YOU a chance to choose the girl you’d like to see become the next Playboy model. So make sure you cast your vote monthly!  

Wednesday 7/27/11

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We met our new 2011 August Barmate, Erin Alexandra. SMOKIN’!! She works at Black Finn in NYC, and confessed that she “only” gets hit on about six times per shift. Yeah, only…She also tried to hug a customer once and he went in for the full make-out experience. Bad form, guys, although we can’t really blame him. She’s hot and he was drunk. Oh, and the worst celebrity tipper? Chad Ocho Cinco. Perhaps math wasn’t his best subject.

We also spoke with Playmate Pilar Lastra. She hosts the Playboy Fantasy Football Show, and will be in Times Square tomorrow for a Celebrity Fantasy Football Draft. Arian Foster from the Houston Texans is her fave. She has a good head for sports. Her body isn’t too shabby, either! 😉

And Steve Wilson returned to the Mini Mansion for Know It Or Show It. Funny how he always seems to come by when girls are getting naked. As always, clothing was lost, fun was had.

Tuesday 7/26/11

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We spoke with Bryan Flannery – A.K.A. “The Burger Whisperer” – from Bryan’s Foods in San Francisco.  He will CUSTOM MAKE hamburger patties for you! Want a little bacon mixed in with your beef? Maybe some tri-tip, or foie gras? No problem! Impress your friends and neighbors at your next BBQ with the BEST BURGERS EVER! Seriously, drop him a line. Tell him we sent you.

And we crowned our new RadioMates! Sexy Playboy Models Dani Mathers and Brenda Leanne joined us to compete for the coveted title. There was a Fandemonium Trivia round, a Parade of Poon fashion show, and an interview portion. Both ladies had four minutes to ask Playboy model Kelli Mackenzie questions about her life as a hot chick. There was also a “30-seconds of naughtiness” round, during which Dani gave the HOTTEST LAP DANCE EVER. Once we added the scores…it was an EXACT TIE! Dani and Brenda both received a total of 160 out of 250 possible points – earning dueling RadioMate crowns! Well done, ladies!


Monday 7/25/11

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Today we spoke with the Queen of Mean, Lisa Lampanelli. She’s our newest colleague! Be sure to check out Lisa’s monthly column in Playboy magazine. In the latest issue, she discusses “Friends, Benefits and the Art of the Booty Call.” Lisa just turned 50, and is still going strong with her main squeeze, Jimmy Big Balls. For their next anniversary, both Lisa and Jimmy will be joining us in-studio, and our gorgeous Playboy models will play tether ball with Jimmy’s junk.

Special Editions model Cassandra Leigh also joined us. We learned that she once had sex in the tennis courts at the Playboy Mansion! We’re pretty sure Hef would approve.

Sexy sexologist Dr. Logan Levkoff gave us the rundown on the Trojan vibrator truck that’ll be hitting the streets of NYC this week! Food trucks and vibrator trucks on the same street?! That’s what we’re talking about! Check out the “Good Vibrations” truck this Thursday and Friday, pick up free samples and register to win some fun toys. Oh, and tell Dr. Logan we said,”Hi.” Did we mention she’s hot? Ummm, SHE’S HOT. 

And tough guy Bill Romanowski shared the latest on the NFL lockout deal. He says details are being finalized this week – but YES, we WILL have a full football season this year! YAY! Andrea’s titties are BACK IN BUSINESS. Bill’s company, Nutrition 53, just partnered with The Smoothie King – who will be bringing tasty treats in for us this week. Football AND smoothies! Great way to kick off a Monday.

Friday 7/22/11

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Today we celebrated National Hot Dog Day in style!

The Greasy Wiener truck stopped by with not only hot dogs, but also hot chicks! Jennifer and Stephanie, The Greasy Wiener Girls, served up bacon-wrapped franks with chili and grilled onions, Angus Beef sliders with bleu cheese, and AWESOME chili & cheese fries. Our lovely models Sophia Love and Malorie Mackey took turns stuffing wieners into their mouths, to see who could handle the most. In the end, Malorie smoked her competition by taking down seven wieners at once, while Sophia managed just four

Michael Kosta also joined the party. He declined to deep-throat a wiener, but did give some colorful commentary.

And we spoke with Moon Bloodgood, the sexy star of TNT’s new show, “Falling Skies.” She’s one of the hottest women in the world according to a bazillion or so magazines. We agree with all of them. We talked about her boobs – she has a deleted topless scene from “Terminator Salvation” floating around somewhere. If you come across it, please send it our way. Please. No, seriously. PLEASE.

Have a Playmate Float On Your Boat!

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**** DEADLINE TODAY!!!!! ****

Remember when Miss April 2011, Jaclyn Swedberg, recreated her Playmate pictorial at the Mini Mansion, on a listener’s motorcycle? Well, we’re doing it again!

This time, newly crowned Miss July 2011, Jessa Hinton, could be posing on YOUR boat! Actually, any watercraft is eligible. Jet ski? Yep! Kayak? No problem! Heck, you can even submit your surfboard!

Send a picture to and let us know why you deserve to have one of Hef’s beauties “float on your boat.” You must be able to get to Los Angeles for the photo-shoot. We don’t provide transportation, but we will provide a nice little area to park your vessel – and a day you’ll never forget!

Email now! GO!

Thursday 7/21/11

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Our newest Playmate, Miss August 2011 Iryna Ivanova, joined us for a hot, uncensored interview! Wearing only a sports bra – no panties! – she confessed that she loves having sex from behind while looking in a mirror and watching her boobies bounce. Iryna has also gone “all the way in” with a woman, and hopes to come to Los Angeles to “get corrupted.” Yeah. We can help with that. Did we mention she’s all-natural? Yep, those beauties are REAL. Her full pictorial is available on the Playboy website.

Also, author, ladies man and newly-crowned Heffy Dan Horowitz joined us in-studio to talk about his new book, “The Pillow Treatment.” Dan says he’s bedded scores of women during his 87-years-of-life, and still takes “Vitamin P” (hint: pussy) three times a week. Dan also claims he’s developed a technique that’s guaranteed to make women achieve orgasm 100% of the time! The technique involves three pillows – hence the name of his book. A porn star moustache, however, isn’t necessary. Those are pretty much the only hints we got.


Wednesday 7/20/11

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The very sexy Kea Ho stopped by to show off her brand new swimsuit line LOVECHILDE, modeled by Natalina Maggio – who KNOWS how to fill out a swimsuit! We sent them out with our intern David to gauge the reactions of guys in the neighborhood. We learned that he doesn’t follow directions very well. They almost got arrested at the donut shop…Kea is co-hosting The Summer Solstice party at the Playboy Mansion this Saturday. You can get tickets here, if you’re cool enough.

We spoke to our ultra-hot Cyber Girl of the Week, Brittany Alyse. She’s a student, a bartender, and she loves to get naked. She’s also attending massage therapy school. In other words – she’s the perfect girl.

We played “Know It or Show It” with Special Editions model Courtney Anne and her leggy redheaded partner in crime, Brooke. This was Courtney’s first time on the show, so she reeeeeally layered up. We didn’t get to see much skin – boo. We’ll start the game earlier next time, we promise.

And we chatted with Steven Petrow, author of Steven Petrow’s Complete Gay & Lesbian Manners. We discussed all things related to gay etiquette – or “queeries” as Steve calls them. We determined that Kevin doesn’t behave as inappropriately as we’d thought when he hangs out with gays, lesbians and Transformers.

Tuesday 7/19/11

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It was a Playmate Party today in the Mini Mansion! Miss February 2011 Kylie Johnson stopped by to chat…and make Jaron’s day. He has her centerfold hanging on his wall. Unfortunately, Kylie confessed that she’s into guys with tattoos and piercings – Jaron has neither. We did, however, let him go on a make-believe date with her…and it was a DISASTER. O-well, at least he got a  picture.

Miss July 2000 Neferteri Shepherd called in to talk about The Playmate Dancers. Now that’s a team anyone would love to watch! Neferteri, Shanna, Hiromi and Serria will be strutting their stuff this Friday night at the Sutra Night Club in Costa Mesa – you can learn more here. If you’re in the area, go say hello! Proceeds benefit Habitat for Humanity.

And we checked in via Skype with sexy Special Editions model Katie Evan. She has 30-I cup breasts! That’s right – the letter “I”! And they’re so fabulous that men actually follow her around when she’s in public, just so they can stare. Katie was kind enough to give us a peek, so we’re passing our good fortune along to you. You’re welcome.