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Tuesday 8/30/11

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Efren Ramirez – a.k.a PEDRO! – stopped by the Mini Mansion to talk about the upcoming Napoleon Dynamite animated series on FOX. That’s right – the whole gang is getting back together for a cartoon! We also learned that Efren once cut a rug with Andrea at the Playboy Mansion, that he was once serenaded by a fan in a Von’s grocery store, and that he turned down the lead role in “An American Werewolf in Mexico.” Go figure. He also offered to guest host the next time Kevin leaves us to go storm-chasing. We’re holding him to that.


Our gorgeous August RadioMate Eva Marie provided live coverage of the Desigual Undie Party in Santa Monica. A ton of folks showed up in their skivvies, including sexy Alexandra from Romania, cutie Jessica in her hot pink lingerie, and a law enforcement officer who was there with his daughter. Not awkward at all.

And we spoke with Hugh Hefner look-alike, George Kane! At 72 years old, George is making a sweet living impersonating the coolest man on earth. He’s received offers for sex, and was once forced to grab a woman’s boob…by her husband. The things people do for a photo op. You can learn more about George – and even hire him – via his website.

Monday 8/29/11

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Today we spoke with out HOT September 2011 Barmate, Stefany Alzate. She’s 5’10”, Columbian and get’s compared to J-Lo. She hears a ton of pick-up lines while serving drinks at Glo in Long Island. The most popular? “I’m a millionaire.” Stefany says if she had a dollar for each time she heard that, she’d be a millionaire! You can see every inch of her gorgeous body in the Playboy Cyber Club.

We welcomed one of the stars from Playboy TV’s “Badass” in-studio, the very sexy and tattooed Cassie! She played a round of Trampoline Trivia and wowed us with her knowledge…and her boobs! 


And comedian Theo Von stopped in to say hi to guest host Sam Tripoli, and to discuss Andrea’s sex life. One of our favorite subjects. You can catch Theo performing with Michael Yo this week at The Irvine Improv.

Caption Contest!

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Can you out-Playboy Playboy? Give us your best caption for the cartoon below, found on page 102 of the September 2011 issue. Leave it in the comment section, and we’ll read the best ones on air. Be sure to get creative!

Friday 8/26/11

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With Kevin in Washington DC doing official Hurricane Irene coverage, we welcomed Sam Tripoli into the Mini-Mansion to co-host with Andrea. Their first order of business? Pose for prom pictures.

The Royal Flush Girls stopped in to talk gambling. They are the official hotties of the World Poker Tour, which is currently holding it’s Legends of Poker event in California. Melanie Iglesias, Melyssa Grace, Sunisa Kim, Melissa Fisher, Mica Javier and Michelle Banzar – a former Ms. Kentucky! – took the time to tell us about their favorite poker players, as well as what it’s like to serve as spokesmodels for the WPT.  And of course…to pose for pictures!

And comedian Nick Youssef joined us for a round of Who Would You Do…Fat Chicks? According to a Raw Data statistic in Playboy’s September 2011 issue, men conduct three times as many internet searches for “fat” women as they do for “skinny” women. So, Susan Boyle vs. Aretha Franklin? Queen Latifah vs. Mo’Nique? Carnie Wilson vs. Ann Wilson? Who would YOU do? By the way, Nick is performing this weekend at The Comedy Store. Check him out if you’re in Los Angeles!

Thursday 8/25/11

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Vienna Girardi from ABC’s Bachelor Pad stopped by to give us the dirt on her hit reality show, as well as her ex Jake. It seems he has a bit of a temper – yikes! Also, they…err…allegedly never had sex – EVER. When Kevin asked Vienna if she thought Jake was gay, she had “no comment.” Uh-huh…She also told us that even though her reality show isn’t scripted, we do see “heightened” moments of tension on the show. Also, if she wins the competition, she’s donating the money to help save her parents’ peanut farm in Florida! Awwww. You can catch Vienna on Bachelor Pad, Monday nights at 8/7c on ABC.

And one of our FAVORITE Playboy Live models, Jenny Rae, came in to debut our new game, Spin The Model! One chair, one model, lots and lots of spinning. Why? Because we love dizzy brunettes.


Wednesday 8/24/11

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Our favorite pot-head Tommy Chong stopped by the Mini Mansion to talk all things weed and comedy. He told us that he got the first medical marijuana card ever issued! He’s also gotten high with Arnold Schwarzenegger, confirmed an upcoming movie with Cheech, and says that beef jerky is his stoner munchie of choice…Tommy is also part of the Laugh Out Loud Comedy Festival happening this weekend in San Bernardino, California. “Tommy Chong’s Comedy at 420” takes center stage on Saturday, August 27th at 9:30 p.m. Go to ticketmaster for tickets. DO IT! TOMMY RULES!

We had a lively round of Know It Or Show It with Playboy Live hottie Havoc and Special Editions model Cody Renee! It started with Havoc shedding a BIG FOOT suit she wore in-studio to scare Andrea – which worked like a charm, btw! Clothing was lost, fun was had, pictures were taken.

And we talked with Ron Alan, coordinator of the Desigual Underwear Party that takes place next Tuesday in Santa Monica, CA. Be one of the first 100 people to show up in your skivvies and you’ll get a free outfit from Desigual. That could mean upwards of $1,000 dollars worth of goods. SCORE! You can RSVP for the event here.

Tuesday 8/23/11

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Today, Leila Shennib – a.k.a. Jose Canseco’s ex-girlfriend – stopped by to talk about her twitter smackdown with the former MLB’er.


She first met Jose at the Playboy Mansion two years ago, and their romance ended earlier this year, resulting in a public face-off on the social networking site. Jose tweeted things like “Call Leila…bring pot her favorite” – he included her phone number, and “Advice to the wise don’t fall in love with woman who take clothing off for a living.” She responded by tweeting “feels good to be single” – and got a restraining order against him…Leila told us that she and Jose went bowling on their first date, that she spent the first several weeks of their courtship sleeping alone in his spare bedroom, and regarding his testicles – one looks like a “marble” and one is “non-existent. Stay away from steroids, kids. She also had to teach The Bad Boy of Baseball how to use a microwave.

And we talked to our Cyber Girl of the Week, Kayla Love. A “real” Jersey Shore girl, born and bred, she’s a bi-sexual hottie who loves to swing! In fact, she enjoys going to underground clubs to meet women – both 18-year-olds and cougars! As far as the guys go, she’s looking for a real gentleman with southern hospitality. Call her “ma’am” and open her car door – and you’re off to a great start. Kayla says the sexiest parts of her body are her eyes and her stomach. You can see for yourself by heading to the Playboy Cyber Club.

JaRon Stuffs His Face With Gyoza!

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In case you missed the video link in yesterday’s post, here’s our very own JaRon – a.k.a. Oprah Eatfree – at Saturday’s Gyoza Eating Championship. Enjoy.

Monday 8/22/11

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Today, Playboy models Desiree Claire and Summer Green joined us to share some SEXY secrets! Kevin and Andrea took bets on whether these hotties enjoy threesomes, if either one has masturbated with a girlfriend in the room, and if they like anal sex. In the end, Kevin walked away with $40 dollars of Andrea’s money…but we ALL won – since neither of them wore panties to the studio. EXCELLENT.

We also spoke with Brian Wallos, CEO of Bench Warmer and the latest millionaire to wind up on reality TV. He dropped off some of the latest Andrea Lowell trading cars! NICE! He’s also single, ladies. If you want to learn more about him, check out his episode of Millionaire Matchmaker tonight on Bravo, 9/8c.

Also, how did JaRon do in the Gyoza Eating Championship? He placed 2nd among the amateurs! Way to go, Oprah Eatfree! And we thought he’d never amount to anything. Check out JaRon stuffing his face here.

And all this week we’re giving away the Looftlighter! This revolutionary lighter is featured in pg. 34 of Playboy’s August issue. It may look like a giant curling iron, but a curling iron can’t light your barbecue using hot air! That’s right! No lighter fluid necessary. It rocks. Listen all week for your chance to win one.

Friday 8/19/11

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Our Private Sexy Sex Ed teacher Miss Sofia Love joined us in the Mini Mansion to educate us on all things SEX! She took time to answer questions from our Mystery Box. Sofia was professional, even when it came to the “anonymous” questions about a certain someone’s play and cat.

Also, comedian Ian Bagg stopped by for “Can a Bunny Make a Funny?” He coached our bunnies Drea & Danielle to see who could pull off the better joke. All we can say is…it’s a good thing they’re GORGEOUS.

We listened to some smack talk from Damon Wells, one of JaRon’s competitors in this year’s Gyoza Eating Championship. He’s a high-ranking major league eater, but has thus far failed to have sex with fellow eater, The Black Widow – so he loses a few points…we also primed JaRon for the competition with an in-studio Gyoza-off against Kevin. The results? You can see JaRon’s performance here, and Kevin’s here. Enjoy.

And we spoke with Jennifer Leah Gottleib – a.k.a. “Miss Box of Junk” – from VH1 Classic’s “That Metal Show.” If audience members stump the host Eddie Trunk with a trivia question, Jennifer provides them with a prize from her Box of Junk. She’s hot, loves Whitesnake and is SINGLE! She’s also a personal trainer, guys. Check her out – the show airs Saturdays at 11 p.m.