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Wednesday 8/10/11

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We had a great time in-studio this morning with Susan Nethero, a.k.a. The Bra Whisperer! She’s fitted everyone from Bridget Marquardt to Oprah – and now our very own Andrea Lowell! As Andrea suspected, she’s a 32D. Tiny girl, big boobs. That’s why we love her! Susan also fitted beautiful Playboy Live model Berlin Scott, and the sexy Howe Twins – Melissa and Carla. Can you believe that Melissa had the nerve to wear an A-cup bra to the studio?! She should be spanked. No A-cup can hold those girls properly…Guys, you NEED to take your gal to one of Susan’s shops. It will change her life – we swear. Hooray for boobs!




Berlin, Melissa and Carla stuck around for Know It Or Show It. Partial nudity ensued.

And Bar Week continues! We spoke with Warren from the Gold Dust Meridian in Portland, OR. This “cocktail house” is featured on page 89 of the current August issue of Playboy, and has a happy hour that actually lasts SIX hours. Now that’s our kinda place!