Monday 8/15/11

We spoke with billiards bad-ass Jeanette Lee – a.k.a. “The Black Widow”! Jeanette, one of the best players in the world,  credits her nickname to her ability to devour her opponents – while wearing nothing but sexy black attire during tournaments. Beautiful and deadly! She admits that she’s never played a game of strip pool, but declined to comment on whether she’s had sex on a pool table. We’ll take that as a YES!

Mollie and Jenny from Playboy TV’s “Camp Playboy” stopped by to share stories of naked pillow fights, sleepovers and more! Mollie admitted that she likes to pleasure herself on airplanes – regularly! She’s NEVER gotten caught. Jenny prefers having sex on motorcycles – vvvrooom! The highlight of the hour? We got them to COMPLETELY swap outfits in our studio “tent” – all the way down to their bras! You can see it here. We love these girls!

And we chatted with our reigning Co-Ed of the Month, Hayden Hayes. She’s attracted to all kinds of men – “Football players, fraternity gentlemen, artists—I’m attracted to them all as long as they’re gorgeous, silly and can make me laugh.” She told us about the time she had a 4-way make-out session with some of her girlfriends from school. Alcohol may or may not have been a factor…OK, it was. You can check out this hot sorority girl on the campus of The University of Washington, or in our Playboy Cyber Club!

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