Tuesday 8/16/11

Today we introduced our newly-crowned Playmate – Miss September 2011, Tiffany Toth! 34C-24-36…5’8″…125 pounds…GORGEOUS! She’s been a favorite in the Cyber Club for years, and now she has her own pictorial smack dab in the middle of the magazine! FINALLY! Tiffany told us that she once had sex on the bow of a boat, her preferred position is doggy-style, and her favorite part of her body is her ass! Well…it is perfect. Pick up the latest edition of Playboy, or go to Playboy online to see for yourself.  

* Then

*NOW!!! WOW!!!

We brought in four sexy girls for our debut round of Chick-Tac-Toe! Kristin, Sherri, Alyssa and Sarah got cozy in the Mini Mansion couch, and attempted to show off their smarts by answering questions about Science, Entertainment, Sports, Geography and more. All we can say is…it’s a good thing they’re hot.


And we picked Jaron’s competitive name for the Gyoza Eating Championship this weekend! He’s representing The Playboy Morning Show, and he needs to intimidate. Submissions included:

  • Humpty Dumpling
  • Jaronoffthenibble
  • The Moochinator
  • Coupon Jeron
  • Jew-Ron
  • Jaron the Jaw
  • Tiger Wolf
  • Oprah Eatfree- or The JarOWN Network
  • GarganJaron
  • Jaron-amo
  • The Fro-Loader
  • The Dark Devourer
  • The Dark Knight
  • Dick Licorice
  • Dr. Fill
  • Jaranimal

So, which name did we choose? You’ll have to tune in tomorrow…

One Response to “Tuesday 8/16/11”

  1. How about “Fuck Shit Stack” as A name for Jeron, he would have his own theme song, picture him walking in the room with that song while Kevin playing it on A big boom box, Kev would have big mirrored sunglasses on wearing A pimp velvet long coat!

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