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Thursday 8/17/11

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Today big man Lavell Crawford brought the funny to the Mini Mansion. He told us about the perks of hanging out with D.L. Hughley – free steaks, and the dangers of going down on black women – bobby pins and dreadlocks. He also likes sugar sandwiches and speaks three languages – Ebonics, Slang and White. Lavell’s new DVD “Lavell Crawford: Can a Brother Get Some Love?” is available now. Pick it up!

Also, we crowned our new August 2011 RadioMate, Eva Marie! She is TO DIE FOR. Krystle Lina, our official Morning Show photographer, did an on-the-spot photo shoot with her. Brenda Leanne, one-half of our Junly RadioMate duo, also joined in the fun, after officially passing the RadioMate mic to Eva, tit-to-tit.

And Mr. Skin ranked the Top Nude Celebs of All Time! His 10 best?

10.  Penelope Cruz
9.     Marissa Tomei
8.     Pam Grier 
7.     Monica Bellucci 
6.     Anne Hathaway
5.     Helen Mirren
4.     Pam Anderson
3.     Halle Berry
2.     Alyssa Milano
1.     Angelina Jolie 
We also found out the Alyssa Milano’s boobs are fake! Who knew? Well, Mr. Skin, but he knows all.