Friday 8/19/11

Our Private Sexy Sex Ed teacher Miss Sofia Love joined us in the Mini Mansion to educate us on all things SEX! She took time to answer questions from our Mystery Box. Sofia was professional, even when it came to the “anonymous” questions about a certain someone’s play and cat.

Also, comedian Ian Bagg stopped by for “Can a Bunny Make a Funny?” He coached our bunnies Drea & Danielle to see who could pull off the better joke. All we can say is…it’s a good thing they’re GORGEOUS.

We listened to some smack talk from Damon Wells, one of JaRon’s competitors in this year’s Gyoza Eating Championship. He’s a high-ranking major league eater, but has thus far failed to have sex with fellow eater, The Black Widow – so he loses a few points…we also primed JaRon for the competition with an in-studio Gyoza-off against Kevin. The results? You can see JaRon’s performance here, and Kevin’s here. Enjoy.

And we spoke with Jennifer Leah Gottleib – a.k.a. “Miss Box of Junk” – from VH1 Classic’s “That Metal Show.” If audience members stump the host Eddie Trunk with a trivia question, Jennifer provides them with a prize from her Box of Junk. She’s hot, loves Whitesnake and is SINGLE! She’s also a personal trainer, guys. Check her out – the show airs Saturdays at 11 p.m.

3 Responses to “Friday 8/19/11”

  1. Loved Loved Loved!!! Sofia Love’s segment!! Very well done, can’t wait to hear from her again!!!

  2. Great show as always. Think u need to add Sofia love as a regular segment or trade her for Kevin as andra’s co host. Keep up the good work, n tell jaron to stop painting himself black

  3. Edmundo Alarcon Says:

    This part of your show was awesome, who isn’t a fan of sex ed way to go Sofia. I wish I had 18 units of sex ed.

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