Monday 8/22/11

Today, Playboy models Desiree Claire and Summer Green joined us to share some SEXY secrets! Kevin and Andrea took bets on whether these hotties enjoy threesomes, if either one has masturbated with a girlfriend in the room, and if they like anal sex. In the end, Kevin walked away with $40 dollars of Andrea’s money…but we ALL won – since neither of them wore panties to the studio. EXCELLENT.

We also spoke with Brian Wallos, CEO of Bench Warmer and the latest millionaire to wind up on reality TV. He dropped off some of the latest Andrea Lowell trading cars! NICE! He’s also single, ladies. If you want to learn more about him, check out his episode of Millionaire Matchmaker tonight on Bravo, 9/8c.

Also, how did JaRon do in the Gyoza Eating Championship? He placed 2nd among the amateurs! Way to go, Oprah Eatfree! And we thought he’d never amount to anything. Check out JaRon stuffing his face here.

And all this week we’re giving away the Looftlighter! This revolutionary lighter is featured in pg. 34 of Playboy’s August issue. It may look like a giant curling iron, but a curling iron can’t light your barbecue using hot air! That’s right! No lighter fluid necessary. It rocks. Listen all week for your chance to win one.

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