JaRon Stuffs His Face With Gyoza!

In case you missed the video link in yesterday’s post, here’s our very own JaRon – a.k.a. Oprah Eatfree – at Saturday’s Gyoza Eating Championship. Enjoy.

3 Responses to “JaRon Stuffs His Face With Gyoza!”

  1. Wow jison you really know how to make yourself look like a fool im suprised you did bring a girl on a date to that event it must had been all u can eat for free thats why you were there nice glasses where did you get those Ross department store you were jumping around like kinda of gay west (kanye west) that must had been your selection of music you were listening to that is if you even had an casset player or were acting like you did do they even make cassets anymore im sure you would know with your thrifty tips anyhow andrea & kevin you guys kick ass listen daily keep it sexy
    Tampa, FL

  2. Mike in SE Ohio Says:

    It doesn’t say how shitty, JaRon did in the contest?

    And what’s the red shit on the guy behind him? Did JaRon start his period, and that guy went down on him?

  3. Mike in SE Ohio Says:

    Never mind… I see he came in second. He can’t even win a free food eating contest.

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