Tuesday 8/23/11

Today, Leila Shennib – a.k.a. Jose Canseco’s ex-girlfriend – stopped by to talk about her twitter smackdown with the former MLB’er.


She first met Jose at the Playboy Mansion two years ago, and their romance ended earlier this year, resulting in a public face-off on the social networking site. Jose tweeted things like “Call Leila…bring pot her favorite” – he included her phone number, and “Advice to the wise don’t fall in love with woman who take clothing off for a living.” She responded by tweeting “feels good to be single” – and got a restraining order against him…Leila told us that she and Jose went bowling on their first date, that she spent the first several weeks of their courtship sleeping alone in his spare bedroom, and regarding his testicles – one looks like a “marble” and one is “non-existent. Stay away from steroids, kids. She also had to teach The Bad Boy of Baseball how to use a microwave.

And we talked to our Cyber Girl of the Week, Kayla Love. A “real” Jersey Shore girl, born and bred, she’s a bi-sexual hottie who loves to swing! In fact, she enjoys going to underground clubs to meet women – both 18-year-olds and cougars! As far as the guys go, she’s looking for a real gentleman with southern hospitality. Call her “ma’am” and open her car door – and you’re off to a great start. Kayla says the sexiest parts of her body are her eyes and her stomach. You can see for yourself by heading to the Playboy Cyber Club.

2 Responses to “Tuesday 8/23/11”

  1. Did Pilar and Sarah Jean Underwood have a love child? She already has my vote for PMOY. Now she just needs to become a Playmate!

  2. She’s so beautiful!

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