Friday 8/26/11

With Kevin in Washington DC doing official Hurricane Irene coverage, we welcomed Sam Tripoli into the Mini-Mansion to co-host with Andrea. Their first order of business? Pose for prom pictures.

The Royal Flush Girls stopped in to talk gambling. They are the official hotties of the World Poker Tour, which is currently holding it’s Legends of Poker event in California. Melanie Iglesias, Melyssa Grace, Sunisa Kim, Melissa Fisher, Mica Javier and Michelle Banzar – a former Ms. Kentucky! – took the time to tell us about their favorite poker players, as well as what it’s like to serve as spokesmodels for the WPT.  And of course…to pose for pictures!

And comedian Nick Youssef joined us for a round of Who Would You Do…Fat Chicks? According to a Raw Data statistic in Playboy’s September 2011 issue, men conduct three times as many internet searches for “fat” women as they do for “skinny” women. So, Susan Boyle vs. Aretha Franklin? Queen Latifah vs. Mo’Nique? Carnie Wilson vs. Ann Wilson? Who would YOU do? By the way, Nick is performing this weekend at The Comedy Store. Check him out if you’re in Los Angeles!

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