Caption Contest!

Can you out-Playboy Playboy? Give us your best caption for the cartoon below, found on page 102 of the September 2011 issue. Leave it in the comment section, and we’ll read the best ones on air. Be sure to get creative!

82 Responses to “Caption Contest!”

  1. Matt McQueen Says:

    Its light out, but I can clearly see a full moon!

  2. Jeff Beck Says:

    “what do you mean, you don’t think her blinker is working?”

  3. Rocky Carlton Says:

    “The left lane is not for assing!”

  4. Jeff Williams Says:

    “Honey, there seems to be a crack in the windshield…”

  5. Holy shit that’s mom!

  6. Jeff Williams Says:

    “I didn’t know it was supposed to be a full moon at 3:00 in the afternoon!”

  7. Jeff Williams Says:

    “I sure hope that’s not a dude!”

  8. Bluejay01 Says:

    Slippery when wet. Yeah, the road too…

  9. You think thats a ten speed or a 12 speed

  10. Tim DeLine Says:


  11. What do you mean it looks like my sisters?

  12. I will not ask her for a threesome.

  13. You missed are turn 2 blocks ago.

  14. Russ parker Says:

    So, how do you think she keeps the seat from sliding in?

  15. Put your dick back in your pants and pass her already!

  16. Pull over and give her back her bicycle seat!

  17. Dude, I told you all that juice would fuck up Lance Armstrong in the future!

  18. Hey jerk you enjoying the view any closer & we will become a ford probe.

  19. Tom Ammentorp Says:

    I’m pretty sure that’s Carrottop.

  20. I rather be a bike than a car right about now, You?

  21. Stop tailgating! Your going to cause an assident.

  22. “Hey Kevin, looks like Andrea is going hiking again.”

  23. brian collett Says:

    tom toms new gps 34 24 36 g-string

  24. Ohhh sure, NOW you want to ask for directions!

  25. I’M sure if that was me you would of passed by now !!!

  26. Redneckerson Says:

    Did you see da Azz on da back of that Lass!

  27. Ill give her something to ride!

  28. I don’t think I’m gay anymore.

  29. Rob Miller Says:

    If you say “to the moon, Alice!” one more time, I’m knocking you out!

  30. What do you mean you wish you were a bicycle seat right now.

  31. haha! too funny, guys! eke ’em coming!

  32. RoyEl Caswell Says:

    I said 2 hands on the wheel,ASSHOLE!!!

  33. Ace said, ”Look Gary. That’s the same bike I bought my nephew for Christmas.”

  34. John Armstrong Says:

    Construction zone my ass!

  35. What do you mean she looks familiar?

  36. Hiram Jacobs Says:

    Dad, if you keep driving 15 miles an hour, we’ll never make it to the game — and you’re the coach!

  37. It looks like we’ve gone the “thong” way!

  38. I thought peddling pussy was illegal.

  39. but can she polish a shifter knob like this……?

  40. Is this why you wanted to all of a sudden buy a bike and join a bike club??

  41. I love this new GP ASS system

  42. CrazyCammo Says:

    “I’m going the Hit That.” 
    “DUDE! You’re doing it wrong….Put it in 4-Low.”

  43. STEP ON IT ! FASTER !! Just a few more feet !!

  44. Omg dad I thought mom was working today

  45. Damn, Sara Underwood is doing another bike ride and did not invite me.

  46. Hey watch it any closer and we’ll rear end her!

  47. “You told me your wife was dead.”

  48. She needs to wear a helmet riding her bike on this road

  49. If only Schwinn marketed bikes as a sex toy.

  50. SPEED UP!! FASTER !! just a few more feet…

  51. If your ass was as nice as that, I’d be driving you right now.

  52. kevin rules Says:

    I hope this isn’t the H.I.V. Lane.

  53. The first annual “Biking and Dyking” was a huge success

  54. No Training Wheels or Training Bra

  55. If I run her over, we can both fuck her!

  56. Son she is leading us to the promiseland

  57. …must be jam cuz jelly don’t wiggle like dat

  58. Youve been tailgating her for the past 20 miles, u gonna pass her anytime soon.

  59. Youve been tailgating her for 20 miles, u gonna pass her anytime soon.

  60. Looks like lindsey is on her way to court again.

  61. Jumping the curb to follow her across the grass?! REALLY?!
    or maybe
    Are you planning to get back on the pavement at some point?!

  62. wow this andrea locater really works!

  63. “I have the strong urge to be A bicyclye seat right about now!”

  64. “It’s A man with long hair , would you get back on the road already!”

  65. I wish I was riding “that” right now!

  66. Umm. Honey, the road is back there.

  67. Until today, I used to hate speed bumps…

  68. ” Would you stop trying to REAR END her! “

  69. Too bad she’s got more gas then we do.

  70. Go lance

  71. Hey look, glazed buns!

  72. If you don’t stop driving on this sidewalk right now, I’m inviting my mother to come stay with us for a month!

  73. Jeff Williams Says:

    Don’t worry about us running late, honey….I’ve synchronized my watch with that woman’s ass cheeks!…

  74. Matt Eickhoff Says:

    Hey look that Andrea Lowell must have lost here Drivers lisence, QUICK someone stop her before she drives that bike off the cliff too!

  75. “Honey I’m going this slow because there’s so much traffic in front of us”

  76. What an ass, she’s riding in the middle of the road

  77. I can see why Scott Alexander rated this a Best Buy!

  78. Michael Gabriel Says:

    I know what drafting behind someone to gain speed means.

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