Tuesday 8/30/11

Efren Ramirez – a.k.a PEDRO! – stopped by the Mini Mansion to talk about the upcoming Napoleon Dynamite animated series on FOX. That’s right – the whole gang is getting back together for a cartoon! We also learned that Efren once cut a rug with Andrea at the Playboy Mansion, that he was once serenaded by a fan in a Von’s grocery store, and that he turned down the lead role in “An American Werewolf in Mexico.” Go figure. He also offered to guest host the next time Kevin leaves us to go storm-chasing. We’re holding him to that.


Our gorgeous August RadioMate Eva Marie provided live coverage of the Desigual Undie Party in Santa Monica. A ton of folks showed up in their skivvies, including sexy Alexandra from Romania, cutie Jessica in her hot pink lingerie, and a law enforcement officer who was there with his daughter. Not awkward at all.

And we spoke with Hugh Hefner look-alike, George Kane! At 72 years old, George is making a sweet living impersonating the coolest man on earth. He’s received offers for sex, and was once forced to grab a woman’s boob…by her husband. The things people do for a photo op. You can learn more about George – and even hire him – via his website.

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