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JaRon Stuffs His Face With Gyoza!

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In case you missed the video link in yesterday’s post, here’s our very own JaRon – a.k.a. Oprah Eatfree – at Saturday’s Gyoza Eating Championship. Enjoy.

Monday 8/22/11

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Today, Playboy models Desiree Claire and Summer Green joined us to share some SEXY secrets! Kevin and Andrea took bets on whether these hotties enjoy threesomes, if either one has masturbated with a girlfriend in the room, and if they like anal sex. In the end, Kevin walked away with $40 dollars of Andrea’s money…but we ALL won – since neither of them wore panties to the studio. EXCELLENT.

We also spoke with Brian Wallos, CEO of Bench Warmer and the latest millionaire to wind up on reality TV. He dropped off some of the latest Andrea Lowell trading cars! NICE! He’s also single, ladies. If you want to learn more about him, check out his episode of Millionaire Matchmaker tonight on Bravo, 9/8c.

Also, how did JaRon do in the Gyoza Eating Championship? He placed 2nd among the amateurs! Way to go, Oprah Eatfree! And we thought he’d never amount to anything. Check out JaRon stuffing his face here.

And all this week we’re giving away the Looftlighter! This revolutionary lighter is featured in pg. 34 of Playboy’s August issue. It may look like a giant curling iron, but a curling iron can’t light your barbecue using hot air! That’s right! No lighter fluid necessary. It rocks. Listen all week for your chance to win one.

Friday 8/19/11

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Our Private Sexy Sex Ed teacher Miss Sofia Love joined us in the Mini Mansion to educate us on all things SEX! She took time to answer questions from our Mystery Box. Sofia was professional, even when it came to the “anonymous” questions about a certain someone’s play and cat.

Also, comedian Ian Bagg stopped by for “Can a Bunny Make a Funny?” He coached our bunnies Drea & Danielle to see who could pull off the better joke. All we can say is…it’s a good thing they’re GORGEOUS.

We listened to some smack talk from Damon Wells, one of JaRon’s competitors in this year’s Gyoza Eating Championship. He’s a high-ranking major league eater, but has thus far failed to have sex with fellow eater, The Black Widow – so he loses a few points…we also primed JaRon for the competition with an in-studio Gyoza-off against Kevin. The results? You can see JaRon’s performance here, and Kevin’s here. Enjoy.

And we spoke with Jennifer Leah Gottleib – a.k.a. “Miss Box of Junk” – from VH1 Classic’s “That Metal Show.” If audience members stump the host Eddie Trunk with a trivia question, Jennifer provides them with a prize from her Box of Junk. She’s hot, loves Whitesnake and is SINGLE! She’s also a personal trainer, guys. Check her out – the show airs Saturdays at 11 p.m.

Thursday 8/17/11

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Today big man Lavell Crawford brought the funny to the Mini Mansion. He told us about the perks of hanging out with D.L. Hughley – free steaks, and the dangers of going down on black women – bobby pins and dreadlocks. He also likes sugar sandwiches and speaks three languages – Ebonics, Slang and White. Lavell’s new DVD “Lavell Crawford: Can a Brother Get Some Love?” is available now. Pick it up!

Also, we crowned our new August 2011 RadioMate, Eva Marie! She is TO DIE FOR. Krystle Lina, our official Morning Show photographer, did an on-the-spot photo shoot with her. Brenda Leanne, one-half of our Junly RadioMate duo, also joined in the fun, after officially passing the RadioMate mic to Eva, tit-to-tit.

And Mr. Skin ranked the Top Nude Celebs of All Time! His 10 best?

10.  Penelope Cruz
9.     Marissa Tomei
8.     Pam Grier 
7.     Monica Bellucci 
6.     Anne Hathaway
5.     Helen Mirren
4.     Pam Anderson
3.     Halle Berry
2.     Alyssa Milano
1.     Angelina Jolie 
We also found out the Alyssa Milano’s boobs are fake! Who knew? Well, Mr. Skin, but he knows all.

Wednesday 8/17/11

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Affion Crockett stopped by to tell us about his new show on Fox called “IN THE FLOW WITH AFFION CROCKETT.” He has created his own brand of sketch comedy, doing impressions of everyone from Tiger Woods to President Obama to Simon Cowell. And now – our very own JARON! Seriously, best impression EVER. Very white – like Jaron…Affion also judged a round of our Playboy Party Jokes: REMIX. What did the left testicle say to the right one? Why do so many women fake orgasms? The punchlines we’re mostly horrible, but still a good time. Be sure to catch Affion Sunday nights at 9:30 p.m. on FOX.

Tuesday 8/16/11

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Today we introduced our newly-crowned Playmate – Miss September 2011, Tiffany Toth! 34C-24-36…5’8″…125 pounds…GORGEOUS! She’s been a favorite in the Cyber Club for years, and now she has her own pictorial smack dab in the middle of the magazine! FINALLY! Tiffany told us that she once had sex on the bow of a boat, her preferred position is doggy-style, and her favorite part of her body is her ass! Well…it is perfect. Pick up the latest edition of Playboy, or go to Playboy online to see for yourself.  

* Then

*NOW!!! WOW!!!

We brought in four sexy girls for our debut round of Chick-Tac-Toe! Kristin, Sherri, Alyssa and Sarah got cozy in the Mini Mansion couch, and attempted to show off their smarts by answering questions about Science, Entertainment, Sports, Geography and more. All we can say is…it’s a good thing they’re hot.


And we picked Jaron’s competitive name for the Gyoza Eating Championship this weekend! He’s representing The Playboy Morning Show, and he needs to intimidate. Submissions included:

  • Humpty Dumpling
  • Jaronoffthenibble
  • The Moochinator
  • Coupon Jeron
  • Jew-Ron
  • Jaron the Jaw
  • Tiger Wolf
  • Oprah Eatfree- or The JarOWN Network
  • GarganJaron
  • Jaron-amo
  • The Fro-Loader
  • The Dark Devourer
  • The Dark Knight
  • Dick Licorice
  • Dr. Fill
  • Jaranimal

So, which name did we choose? You’ll have to tune in tomorrow…

Monday 8/15/11

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We spoke with billiards bad-ass Jeanette Lee – a.k.a. “The Black Widow”! Jeanette, one of the best players in the world,  credits her nickname to her ability to devour her opponents – while wearing nothing but sexy black attire during tournaments. Beautiful and deadly! She admits that she’s never played a game of strip pool, but declined to comment on whether she’s had sex on a pool table. We’ll take that as a YES!

Mollie and Jenny from Playboy TV’s “Camp Playboy” stopped by to share stories of naked pillow fights, sleepovers and more! Mollie admitted that she likes to pleasure herself on airplanes – regularly! She’s NEVER gotten caught. Jenny prefers having sex on motorcycles – vvvrooom! The highlight of the hour? We got them to COMPLETELY swap outfits in our studio “tent” – all the way down to their bras! You can see it here. We love these girls!

And we chatted with our reigning Co-Ed of the Month, Hayden Hayes. She’s attracted to all kinds of men – “Football players, fraternity gentlemen, artists—I’m attracted to them all as long as they’re gorgeous, silly and can make me laugh.” She told us about the time she had a 4-way make-out session with some of her girlfriends from school. Alcohol may or may not have been a factor…OK, it was. You can check out this hot sorority girl on the campus of The University of Washington, or in our Playboy Cyber Club!