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Thursday 9/29/11

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Today, Playmate Jessa Hinton came by to recreate her Playboy pictorial on a listener’s boat! Little did we know that boats aren’t allowed on the premises, however, so we had to make do with other floatation devices that listeners sent to us. Jessa was a good sport and posed with everything from rubber duckies to inner tubes – she even got sexy on a beer pong raft! Our beautiful Morning Show photographer Krystle Lina captured the experience on film. The big finale came when lucky listener Ed gave Jessa his pink noodle. Jessa posed with it, and once again, we were able to make a fan’s dream come true! You can see the entire gallery here.

We also spoke with Kevin’s favorite musician, “Weird Al” Yankovic! He told us how he keeps his hair so amazing – shampoo and lots of conditioner. There you have it – his secret is out. Go wild. The World premiere of “Weird Al Yankovic Live! – The ALpocalypse Tour” happens this Saturday on Comedy Central, at 9 p.m. ET/PT. If you’re at all a fan of Al’s, you MUST see this.

Atlantic City Week continues. Today we visited with Adrian Roman from Evo Restaurant and Bar, located on the Boardwalk, inside the Trump Plaza Casino. It opened in the spring of 2004, and their menu features Italian and American cuisine. They also have a full bar which serves up the best martinis, wines and more.

Wednesday 9/28/11

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Ray William Johnson joined us in-studio. He’s a YouTube sensation, unlike us. In fact, he has the MOST SUBSCRIBED to channel on the site – of all time! Among young adults, he gets roughly the same amount of viewers as LENO, JIMMY FALLON, DAVID LETTERMAN, CRAIG FERGUSON, CARSON DALY, THE DAILY SHOW and JIMMY KIMMEL combined! Ray says occasionally he gets offers for sex from women who are obsessed with him. All the more reason to capitalize on social networking. Check out his show =3, as well as his fake cartoon band, Your Favorite Martian.

We played a GREAT game of Know It Or Show It! Alyssa, Alexandra, and our Nov. /Dec. 2011 COLLEGE GIRLS Cover Model Katie stopped by to show off their smarts, and their bodies! We didn’t get a lot of nudity, but we did get some great peeks! You’ll have to use your imagination for the rest.

And we continued our celebration of Atlantic City Week by chatting with Louise Esposito, owner of Chef Vola’s. Frank Sinatra used to go there for pie! Next time you’re in the area, stop in for the Banana cream. Tell ’em Ol’ Blue Eyes sent ya! (OK, you can tell them we did.) For all of Playboy’s favorite Atlantic City hang-outs, check out page 22 of our September 2011 issue.

Tuesday 9/27/11

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We celebrated Oktoberfest (or as we like to call it, Oktober-BREAST) with our SEXY beer maiden, Katrina! She came in to show off her hot costume, and to serve Kevin a beer – which he proceeded to drink through a straw.

Our September RadioMate, Tawnie Lynn, attended the Celebrity Fight Night press conference yesterday. She interviewed many of the “fighters,” including Nadya “Octomom” Suleman, Coolio, Michael Lohan, and Rodney King – who admitted that he actually likes it when women dress up as naughty police officers! Tawnie also found out that Octomom hasn’t had sex in 13 years, and that Coolio is SERIOUSLY planning on kicking his opponent Jeremy Jackson’s ass. SMACKDOWN! The Celebrity Fight Night live pay-per-view event airs November 5, 2011. For more information visit Film On.

Coolio vs. Jeremy Jackson

Nadya “Octomom” Suleman vs. Amy Fisher

Michael Lohan vs. Kato Kaelin

Joey Buttafuoco vs. Lou Ballera (Amy Fisher’s husband)

September 2011 RadioMate Tawnie Lynn

We continued with Atlantic City Week by chatting with Cathy Burke, owner of The Irish Pub. She and her husband have been running the place since 1972, but the adjoining Inn dates back to the 1800’s and has survived hurricanes, prohibition and two world wars. Many celebs have visited, including Joe DiMaggio, who actually stayed at the Inn for many years. Cathy said he once showed her some of his Marilyn Monroe memorabilia. The rooms at the Inn start at a mere $25 per night…and there’s free parking next door to the pub! SCORE! Stop by and have a few beers for us.

Monday 9/26/11

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We also kicked off Atlantic City Week by talking to Ryan Bray, General Manager of the Knife & Fork Inn. The restaurant has been around for nearly 100 years. In fact, the original bootlegger Nucky Johnson, who Steve Buscemi’s character is based on in Boardwalk Empire, used to eat there. Steve has yet to visit…The Knife & Fork Inn is best known for its steak and seafood dishes. You can learn more about it in the September 2011 issue of Playboy.

Jack Passion, author of The Facial Hair Handbook, stopped by to show off his award-winning beard and moustache! He told us that going down on a woman is tricky – he has to be careful not to get his beard caught in his mouth, although he usually braids it. Jack is one of the members of “The Board of Manliness,” a group that compiled a list of the manliest cities in America. Coming out on top – NASHVILLE, TN. In last place? LOS ANGELES. The lesson: Cowboys are manly. Metrosexual actors are not.

Monday Car…toon-Up!

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This one comes from the new, October 2011 issue. Give us your best caption!

Friday 9/23/11

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Today we crowned our Septmeber RadioMate, Tawnie Lynn! She very well may have all of our other RadioMates beat in the boobs department – WOW! Our resident photographer, the beautiful Krystle Lina, came by for the ceremonial photo shoot, and Kevin and Andrea had another Twitpic-off! Andrea won this round.

Kevin’s pic:

Andrea’s pic:

Krystle Lina stuck around for our “Can a Bunny Make a Funny?” segment, and Laugh Factory regular Bill Dawes stopped in to see if he could help her bring the humor. Needless to say, he got a little distracted…

Thursday 9/22/11

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Today we welcomed Thomas Jane in-studio, the star of HBO‘s hit show “Hung.” Thomas stars as Ray Drecker, a high school basketball coach who, after hitting a financial rough patch, becomes a male escort. Thomas admitted to hiring a Japanese hooker one time in New York, hinted to occasional penetration during sex scenes, and said that he enjoyed filming his latest movie, I Melt With You, with Rob Lowe and Jeremy Piven. He also doesn’t like wearing shoes…If you want to see Thomas in person, he’s hosting the 3-D Film Festival for the second year. It begins in Los Angeles tonight and runs through Sunday 9/25. Tell him we said hello! Also, be sure to check out the new season of “Hung,” which premieres on Sunday, October 2nd at 10PM.

And sexy Playboy model Megan stopped by for a round of Sex Myth-Busters! Does tickling make you more or less aroused? Are your most ticklish places erogenous zones? What’s better for tickling someone – a sex toy, a feather duster or Andrea? If you weren’t listening, you should’ve been! Not only did Megan get tickled, she got TRIBBED!

Wednesday 9/20/11

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Today we were joined by iconic passion novelist Jackie Collins! Her scandalous, titillating books have turned on men and women for decades, and have even been banned in several countries. China actually wanted to execute her publishers at one time! Jackie thinks that elevators are great for having sex, and believes that Angelina Jolie is likely the best lover out there. Her new book, GODDESS OF VENGEANCE, is on shelves now. If you want steamy, no one delivers like Jackie.

We also spoke with Normal Bob Smith, who just happens to videotape “peepers” in action. You know, normal stuff. So, just how wrong is it for people to steal glances up women’s skirts? Andrea does it. Kevin probably does it. You decide.

Tuesday 9/20/11

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The day everyone had been waiting for finally arrived!

That’s right! We’re talking about our 3rd Annual Dancing With the Porn Stars competition, with adult entertainment legends Brooke Haven, Kelly Nichols, Alexandra Silk, Luc Wylder, and new-comer Lucky Starr! Everyone gave it their all, and it was a tough call for celebrity judges John Heffron and Playmate Hiromi Oshima.

Kevin & Lucky were up first with their Hymen Break Dance


Next up was Jenn and her porn star partner Kelly, dancing the Foxy Trot! (No video, sorry kids.)


Gina & Luc impressed the judges with their Big Hairy Cunt-ry Go-Ho-down…and took 2nd place!

JaRon & Alexandra showed off their…ummm…skillz, by dancing the Jizz & Jazz. They received 3rd place honors!

And even though they went last, Andrea & Brooke finished in FIRST PLACE with their sexy Meren-GAY!

It was a great morning!

Monday 9/19/11

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Today we chatted with our newly crowned Playmate, Amanda Cerny. We learned that Miss October 2011 likes men with accents, wears lacy thongs, and if a guy were to bring breakfast in bed to her, she’d prefer apples and peanut butter. Amanda also scored PERFECTLY on her Playmate Pick Six! WOW! The first Playmate ever to do that (heh heh)! 😉 Check out her sexy pictorial on newsstands now, and on your iPad.

And we celebrated the premiere of NBC’s “The Playboy Club” by chatting with Naturi Naughton. Naturi stars as Brenda, the beautiful African-American bunny with a big goal – to be Hef’s first ‘Chocolate Bunny’! Naturi said she loved going through “bunny training” and isn’t opposed to gracing the pages of Playboy magazine. She also gets a chance to sing and dance in episode three – a historical number directed by Kenny Ortega. Be sure to catch her on THE PLAYBOY CLUB, Mondays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.