Thursday 9/1/11

It was a Battle of the Babes today as Playboy hotties Marie and Mandii faced-off to see which hair color would come out on top – blondes or brunettes! There was a mental challenge, a physical challenge and a sexual challenge. In the end, Marie took it down! Congrats, blondes!

Marie’s full video here. NSFW!

Mandii’s video here. NSFW!

Also, January RadioMate Kari Nautique paid us a surprise visit…with donuts!

We met our sexy Co-Ed of the Week, Brittany Bea! She’s a junior at the University of Texas, Arlington who once punched a guy for trying to pick up on her…because he was dating her friend! JERK! She also had a full girl-on-girl experience with her best friend in college. They’re still best friends, of course! Check out Brittany in the Playboy Cyber Club.

We also talked to a man names Benjamin Holmes, who appears in the premiere episode of Discovery Channel’s new show, “I Faked My Own Death.” Holmes did just that, after run-ins with the mob, a corrupt police officer, and a group calling themselves the Black Muslims. When Holmes resurfaced 20 years later, his wife shot him. He survived, and you can hear his story this Saturday night at 10PM ET/PT.

One Response to “Thursday 9/1/11”

  1. John Howard Says:

    If there is reandcarnation I want to come back as a tire & have center folds sit on me.

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