The Playboy Morning Show

Wednesday 9/7/11

It’s time for Season Three of Dancing with the Porn Stars! We announced our Porn Star contestants today and chose partners. Here’s the line up:

Stiff competition! Heh heh. Andrea says she’s going to win again this year. We’ll see.

And Yossi Dina stopped by the Mini Mansion. He’s the owner and proprietor of “The Dina Collection” in Beverly Hills – a.k.a. “the Taj Mahal of pawn shops.” Yossi, a former Israeli army captain, has been buying and selling high-end wares of the elite for the past 25 years. Because yes, even  celebrities need to pawn their Gucci handbags now and then. Kevin tried to pawn some boxing gloves signed by Sylvester Stallone, Andrea peddled her Playboy 8-ball, and we were all shocked when JaRon was offered $200 for our Pricasso painting. WTF?! Yossi’s new show, “Pawn 90210” premieres tonight on E! at 10 p.m. You can watch as actress Bai Ling tries to unload her vintage jewelry.

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