Tuesday 9/13/2011

We went ONE on ONE with the girls of the Lingerie Basketball League this morning. Zipporah Chase #19 captain of The LA Beauties, Shannon Watkins #11 player on The LA Glam, Mae Escobar #16 captain of The LA Starlets, Tara Heston #10 player on The LA Divas came in studio looking super sexy in their lingerie uniforms. We learned so much from the girls as they taught us what a Weenus was. Now, now it’s not what you think! Apparently, it’s the skin on your elbow and it’s Tara’s sexual fetish (hint, hint guys). Also, these girls are not like the guys of the NBA who don’t like to have sex before a game … these girls say HELL YES to getting it on before tip-off.


Tennis Legend Martina Navartilova checked in with us this morning. She gave her strong opinion on Serena Williams US Open outburst … let’s just say Martina was not pleased with Serena’s actions and thinks she should start accepting the umpires calls. Her opinion on the young sexy tennis stars and their barely-there outfits … Martina is all for it and we agree!

To top off our morning we talked to the World Beard & Mustache Champion Jack Passion! You can check him out on IFC’s Whisker Wars, Fridays at 11/10c. Jack tried to give Kevin some tips on how Kevin can better keep up his 5 o’clock … we mean 24 hour … shadow. We think Kevin is going to keep his just “rolled out of bed” look.

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