Wednesday 9/14/2011

We went inside of “Hef’s Kitchen” with the Sausage King of Chicago, Doug Sohn. He is the proud owner of Hot Doug’s! This popular place has received countless awards but nothing more important than Hot Doug’s being featured in PLAYBOY. Doug turned on Andrea throughout the interview with the descriptions of his hot dog and sausage blends that she insisted she eat Doug’s wiener! 😉 If you are in Chicago, you’re in luck! Hot Doug’s is only available to you! Check out HOT DOUG’S on page 19 of Playboy’s September issue.  


Since it’s Wednesday, we just had to play Know It or Show It! Our beauties Vanessa, Leslie & Sherra took on the categories of  …

  • “California is Going to Release Thousands of Female Prisoners due to Overcrowding or as the Prison System calls it Over Diking” … Questions about Prison Jargon
  • “NFL is back! Someone Should Tell Romo” … Questions about the NFL and Football
  • “The Woman Didn’t Like Having Sex with the Clown Because She Said it Felt Funny” … Questions about Safe Sex

Round 1 started off on a bad note as none of the girls removed any clothing but Round 2 & 3 proved better, as all the girls started to get naked one shirt and skirt at a time.



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