Thursday 9/16/2011

This morning we put former international drug dealer John Darrell Boyd who faked his own death toe to toe with the sexy Eva Lovia who has at one time faked an orgasm. We wanted to find out who had the hardest life. John told us that he had to fake his own death in order to avoid jailtime and the numerous things he had to go through to make it seem real. Now, Eva, well she told us about the different positions, moans, and dirty talk she had to do in order to avoid bad sex. Both John & Eva said they’ve never faked it again after their experiences. Check out John’s badass story this Saturday on the Discovery Channel’s final episode of “I Faked My Own Death” at 10pmET.


If you’re looking for a tit-torial … we mean a tutorial .. on how to fix or build something don’t go to  youTube go to! This website delivers free how-to videos performed by attractive sexy women in lingerie and bikinis! TURN ON! Tara and Ashley from Eye Handy came by the Mini Mansion to show us how to chill a beer in under 3minutes … Now that’s helpful!

  1. Fill a bowl/sink/cooler with ice so it covers your warm beer.
  2. Submerge the warm beer and ice with water.
  3. Pour a lot of salt in the bowl/sink/cooler … and we mean A LOT!
  4. Swish around the beer, ice, water and salt for about  30 seconds

Since we had this freezing bowl of water we just had to see if they would get Andrea’s nipples hard. So what did we do? The only thing we could do … Andrea took off her top and dunked both her boobs right into the freezing cold water! The end results … REALLY HARD NIPPLES!!!

One Response to “Thursday 9/16/2011”

  1. Titties and doors light. What better combo.

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