Friday 9/16/2011

We kicked off our Friday morning in a sexy way with Playboy’s Co-Ed of the Month Aryka Lynne! This hot co-ed is a nursing major at Indiana University. Aryka chatted with us about naughty Foam Parties and how her and her roommate/best friend have sex in the same room to see who can out moan each other!

Our Sexy Sex Ed teacher Miss Sofia Love joined us in the Mini Mansion, Friday morning to teach us about Masturbation. We found out that if you want to bring up the topic of masturbating in class all you have to say is “Miss Sofia, I like to touch myself.” After our lesson, Miss Sofia Love reached deep into our Mystery Box of Questions. She says it’s ok to be called a “slut” or “whore” while having sex; it shows that the woman just wants to feel dominated. Sofia also touched on the subject of male grooming. Her simple answer … It’s a MUST! Girls don’t like more hair than penis!

After our Sex Ed class, comedian Greg Proops came in studio to make us all laugh during Andrea’s Week In Sex and to help make two of our Bunnies Funny! Gorgeous Playboy TV girls Desiree Claire and Summer Green came dolled up in lingerie, very sexy lingerie mind you.  Before we put our girls to the test we learned that Summer had her first orgasm two days ago and that she believes killer whales are misunderstood. Yup, you read that last part right! Gregthinks it’s because killer whales are too overdressed for the ocean because they are black & white (insert laughter here). As for our other Bunny Desiree, we learned that the craziest place she’s had sex was in a monastery!


12 Responses to “Friday 9/16/2011”

  1. Really enjoyed the sex ed teacher today, where can I see some “more” of her. Are there any radiomate pics or mag pics around?

  2. Wonderful entry. Can you have Sophia in once a week or everyother week??

  3. lovervalentine Says:

    It was so nice to have Sofia Love on my radio. An early morning sex talk never hurts and it would be nice to hear her more often. Even though I have not sent any questions into her mystery box I still seem to get them answered by someone else. Lastly if you guys were to have her on more often it wouldnt hurt to see her pose nude. I wouldnt complain.
    Thanks for your time
    Lover Valentine

  4. John Howard Says:

    I would like to have the co-ed give me a spong bath & have the sex ed teacher me more about sex.

  5. Love the sex ed teacher, she can discipline me anytime!

  6. Thanks again for having Miss Sofia and her sex ed show. I loved listening to the her last segment on masturbation. I didn’t know it was that popular. I hope you’re going have her on regularly. Her last two shows were great. Or maybe she can do a photo shoot and get more of a draw. Either way I hope she continues. Looking forward to her next show.

  7. Sofia is a hit with all of my friends! I can’t wait for her to come back. I will keep listening as long as she is on the air.

  8. Two words, Sofia Love. She is the only reason I listen to the show. Keep up the great work Sofia!

  9. Again another great week from Sofia Love, thanks for bringing her back on the air. She really is the most informed sex-ed teacher out there. It would be amazing if we could see her in action answers all those questions. Would it be possible to visually see her on a pod cast?

  10. Sofia love you are the best sex-ed teacher. your the only reason I listen to playboy radio. your also HOTT! to. Keep up the good work.

  11. Kevin, you would be an IDIOT if you don’t have Sofia back at least once a week. Don’t prove to me that you are an idiot.

  12. Edmundo Alarcon Says:

    I love sofia’s history of sex. She is willing to touch topics I actually think about…

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