This Week’s Car…toon-Up!

Another week, another cartoon! Give us your best caption for the image below, found in the September 2011 issue of Playboy. Then listen to The Playboy Morning Show to see if yours is creative enough to hit the airwaves!

36 Responses to “This Week’s Car…toon-Up!”

  1. Andrea reunites with former pb morningshow employees that she had affairs with.

  2. Nothing like a family reunion to bring us back together

  3. Threesomes with vampires suck! Now my nipples are all bloody…

  4. Andrea: “I know!! I would be horrified to be in bed with anyone that has a different color face!”

  5. Remember if you ever see the Korean, we were at Gina’s so called play!

  6. Andrea: i know im like the greatest ever

  7. No really, I was a playboy special editions model until an unfortunate double sided tape incident!

  8. Dad go back to your bed

  9. “I am so glad I got to see the Eiffel Tower while I was in Paris”

  10. Pauly Palsy was way better than you two!

  11. Andrea in bed w/Manchild and Farrell

  12. Andrea: salty and man child I’m glad we can keep in touch

  13. If anyone ask we were at the museum

  14. Andrea: Really guys the scabs are from the tape…

  15. Remember guys, it’s only gay if the balls touch

  16. This is how Ben and Jerry get inspiration for there products.

  17. Are you sure this is the proper breast exam procedure under Obamacare?

  18. Apparently this is what Andrea meant by the taste of Newport

  19. 2021 Keven and Jay Ron finally double boned Andrea.
    “Keven and Jayron it was fun but Sarah and Ginya are so much better”

  20. 4 boobs in a bed

  21. Ironically, Jack doesn’t like to share.

  22. My name is Christy but tonight I’m Sharron!

  23. Darryl Pederson Says:

    Dad what are you doing in Bed??

  24. They may be sore and red,but at least I HAVE nipples…..

  25. hey look…teeheehee…the top of the curtains looks like our feet ….

  26. Zach Tullous Says:

    What should we do for the next 58 minutes

  27. Actually, I fell off the bed when the lights went off but I’m glad you two men had fun!

  28. I hope none of you tested positive for bed bugs

  29. Oh, they’re just red and sore from my sex change operation last week.

  30. Hey cookie, check out Andrea’s fat ass. Yes Korean lover, i like that fat ass!

  31. Andrea: ” You know, I used to be afraid of people with different color faces. “

  32. Michael Babs Says:

    Andrea: I told you guys not suck so hard! How am I supposed to do NFL titty picks with these blisters???

  33. Captain Bruce Says:

    Sex is nobody else’s business but the three people who are doing it.

  34. Next time the nipple clamps go on one of you boys!

  35. Ok guys… The “sandwich” was a huge disappointment. Now I say we order a pizza!

  36. andreas roast

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