Monday Car…toon-Up!

This one comes from the new, October 2011 issue. Give us your best caption!

40 Responses to “Monday Car…toon-Up!”

  1. To hell with Viagra, this is much better.

  2. My doctor told me to participate in 30 minutes of cardio exercise daily.

  3. Don’t mind me… I’m just waiting for my Viagra to kick in!

  4. Hurry, find the scissors. Farrell’s cock ring is turning is junk blue!

  5. This peeper isn’t trying to be discreet at all!

  6. Zach Tullous Says:

    Don’t mind me I’m just ganna jack off on to the carpet

  7. Please tell me that was ONLY Mr Lowells hand!!!!!

  8. Girl on treadmill: ” his balls are totally sagging out of his pants.”

  9. This is way better than the old ladies in the pool!

  10. Kevin’s future!!!

  11. Can I have a picture of you to tape to my wife’s forehead.

  12. (red head) “i know I’ve got some pepper spray in here somewhere”

  13. Woman “is this the proper form”
    Man “Perfect” (thank you Cracker Jacks for that personal fitness trainer certificate, never knew it would be such a great use)

  14. “Uncle Kevin in ‘The Creeper’ “

  15. The look on your face reminds me of the first time my daughter, Andrea saw my giant penis.

  16. I used to be Milton Berles penis.

  17. Excuse me, But what the hell are you looking at? Can’t you see i’m busy? Now turn around… and run faster. And maybe run backwards and lick your lips that’s it good good.

  18. Creepy Uncle Kevin with his niece in 25 years

  19. I come here to give my penis a workout

  20. I’m hiding from my wife, shell never think to look here. Shes never been to a gym in her life.

  21. “So this is why I paid for the Platinum gym membership!”

  22. “Dad!! I TOLD YOU TO WAIT IN THE CAR!!!”

  23. OMG! Please tell me thats a dumbell you are curly!

  24. “For many years I thought this was a walking I have a rocking stick”

  25. Joining an all women’s gym was the first step Bruce made to his New Year Resolution

  26. Know I know why they call this place “Curves.”

  27. Does this place have different towels for sweat and seamen?

  28. This is much better than watching the Redskins lose to the cowboys !

  29. brunett: He’s too fast i cant out run him.

  30. David MacNaughton aka tinythetrucker Says:

    written from first person from Ginas character on the tread mill talking to kevin played by his body double old man. “No Kevin I will not run naked to encourage you to buy tickets to my play!”.

  31. Oh, you just reminded me that I forgot to feed my fish today!

  32. hey are those shapeups that you are wearing

  33. I know I am fat, bald, and have bad breath but I used to work on the Playboy Morning Show! Next to Chuck Norris, I have the highest rated exersize equipment infomercial!

  34. Did I mention that I have 100 million dollars and a 10 inch penis?

  35. “Girl, you looks good, won’t you back that azz up
    You’se a fine motherfucker, won’t you back that azz up
    Call me Big Daddy when you back that azz up
    Hoe, who is you playin wit? Back that azz up”

  36. So, I told him that I disagree… the three worst words I could imagine hearing during sex would be “Welcome to prison”

  37. ed-cleavlidge Says:

    No time for an encore Gina! I always keep it in the side, not on the bottom like you

  38. canadiancraig Says:

    Im trying to get away from this creep but i cant seem to!!

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