Monday 9/26/11

We also kicked off Atlantic City Week by talking to Ryan Bray, General Manager of the Knife & Fork Inn. The restaurant has been around for nearly 100 years. In fact, the original bootlegger Nucky Johnson, who Steve Buscemi’s character is based on in Boardwalk Empire, used to eat there. Steve has yet to visit…The Knife & Fork Inn is best known for its steak and seafood dishes. You can learn more about it in the September 2011 issue of Playboy.

Jack Passion, author of The Facial Hair Handbook, stopped by to show off his award-winning beard and moustache! He told us that going down on a woman is tricky – he has to be careful not to get his beard caught in his mouth, although he usually braids it. Jack is one of the members of “The Board of Manliness,” a group that compiled a list of the manliest cities in America. Coming out on top – NASHVILLE, TN. In last place? LOS ANGELES. The lesson: Cowboys are manly. Metrosexual actors are not.

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