Wednesday 9/28/11

Ray William Johnson joined us in-studio. He’s a YouTube sensation, unlike us. In fact, he has the MOST SUBSCRIBED to channel on the site – of all time! Among young adults, he gets roughly the same amount of viewers as LENO, JIMMY FALLON, DAVID LETTERMAN, CRAIG FERGUSON, CARSON DALY, THE DAILY SHOW and JIMMY KIMMEL combined! Ray says occasionally he gets offers for sex from women who are obsessed with him. All the more reason to capitalize on social networking. Check out his show =3, as well as his fake cartoon band, Your Favorite Martian.

We played a GREAT game of Know It Or Show It! Alyssa, Alexandra, and our Nov. /Dec. 2011 COLLEGE GIRLS Cover Model Katie stopped by to show off their smarts, and their bodies! We didn’t get a lot of nudity, but we did get some great peeks! You’ll have to use your imagination for the rest.

And we continued our celebration of Atlantic City Week by chatting with Louise Esposito, owner of Chef Vola’s. Frank Sinatra used to go there for pie! Next time you’re in the area, stop in for the Banana cream. Tell ’em Ol’ Blue Eyes sent ya! (OK, you can tell them we did.) For all of Playboy’s favorite Atlantic City hang-outs, check out page 22 of our September 2011 issue.

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