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Monday Car…Toon-Up!

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Another chance to impress us with your fine wit! Give us your best caption for the cartoon below…

…and win an XtremeMac: Tango TRX a Bluetooth high-quality audio dock for your iPod, iPhone and iPad! It’s valued at $179.99, and will totally impress your friends.

Friday, 10/28/2011

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We went bi-coastal & bi-curious this morning! Kevin was in New York while Andrea held down things at the Mini Mansion in Los Angeles. Good thing Brody Stevens was here on the West Coast with us to help smooth out our issues…well not really! But he was useful in coaching our Bunny Jenna Marshall to be funny … ok, not really either! Jenna did do a great job working with Brody’s material after we learned about her bi-curious ways and how she always wanted to have a girlfriend.


We finished our College Week with more sexy Girls of the SEC! Alex Sanders from the University of Alabama not only did her HOT girl duty by posing in the pages of Playboy but is also doing her Patriotic Duty by being in the Reserves. We definitely salute this SEXY Soldier! Especially, a soldier who is not afraid of having sex on a dryer at a friend’s house. Her ‘College Quiz’ taught us that she’s loud in bed, we mean in the library on campus when she had sex in one of the sound proof private rooms.

Our last Girl of the SEC to join us this week was gorgeous co-ed Goldy Cass, representing Mississippi State University! This naughty girl got down and dirty on an exam and surgery table at the Veterinary Clinic she used to work at. We learned a lot more than that during her ‘College Quiz.’ She told us that she enjoys ‘southern hospitality’ more than going ‘south’ and that her fellow girls on campus are clean-shaven!

While we were enjoying all the sexiness that took place on the show in studio, Kevin was hanging out with the celebrities in New York. Two time Super Bowl Champion, Jarvis Green stopped by to chat with us. Not to be confused with BenJarvus Green-Ellis … KEVIN!

Co-Star of NBC’s Whitney, Chris D’Elia visited Kevin in New York to talk about his upcoming performance at Carolines on Broadway this weekend. He was talking some gibberish about maintaining a “professional” relationship with Whitney Cummings. Come on! Whitney is too HOT to keep up a “professional” relationship with!

Thursday, 10/27/2011

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We started our morning with Hot Chicks & Football Picks! Fantasy Chix Fabiola and Missy kicked off our morning! These HOT girls are highly knowledgeable in Fantasy Football and are available to help you throughout the season. Both Fabiola & Missy are former Miami Dolphin Cheerleaders who educate themselves on all things football. Sexy girls who know football is a huge TURN ON! Be sure to follow these Fantasy Chix every Sunday for their LIVE football tweets! And by the way, you may remember Fabiola from 2005 when she along with her fellow co-eds caught the nation’s attention while in the stands of a FSU game. Yup, you guessed it! She’s one of the original FSU Cowgirls!



College Week with the Girls of the SEC continued this morning. We had a lot of fun with Gabrielle Rushing from University of Florida! She told us about her wild Freshman year when she got a little frisky with a guy while her friend was sleeping in the same room. From her ‘College Quiz’ we learned that this sexy co-ed doesn’t mess around! When it comes to her campus, she told us that you’re not truly a gator until you have sex on the football field. She also informed us that she hooked-up at one of the Fraternity Houses on campus, she is fully shaved & she likes to go ‘south’ while getting the ‘southern’ treatment at the same time!

Our next gorgeous College girl to talk to us was Maggie Taylor from the Ole Miss! After we learned that this hot co-ed was into guys in baseball uniforms, Kevin was nice enough to share with Maggie his baseball ‘skills.’ Nice try Kevin! During her ‘College Quiz’ we discovered that she is a good girl who has never gone ‘south’ nor has she been given any ‘southern comfort.’ Her innocence definitely makes her sexier!

We continued our morning with more gorgeous girls in studio! Playboy Cover Girls Rachelle Wilde & Ashley Perry are visiting Los Angeles from Canada for a weekend of Halloween fun at the Playboy Mansion! These girls are on the cover TOGETHER of Playboy’s Lingerie Special Edition magazine. If you don’t have it … you are missing out! All we’re saying is thank goodness Ashley convince Rachelle to do Playboy. These girls are not just friends they are Best Friends with Benefits! These two bi-curious beauties met on a naked photo shoot and were immediately attracted to one another and they’ve been inseparable ever since. They enjoy each other, have had a threesome together and have a mutual understanding about hooking up with other girls. We LOVE these girls!


Wednesday, 10/26/2011

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We had some topless fun with paints this morning! Body Artist Justine joined us in studio to paint BRA BREAKING NEWS on the beautiful breasts of our resident photographer and birthday girl Krystle Lina. Justine has worked with The Foo Fighters, Metallica, KISS member Paul Stanley, Bono, Paramore, Blink-182 and more. Ripped straight from the headlines, Justine painted a dead Gaddafi with all his billions on Krystle boobies!

While Krystle was being painted, we continued COLLEGE WEEK with more Girls of the SEC! Nina Valerie from the University of Georgia checked in with us telling us about her nature photo shoot in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia. We found out more about Nina when we gave her our College Quiz. We learned that she rather go south, she’s a big fan of roadhead. We approve!

From Auburn University, Haley Ann chatted with us about being the perfect girl! And by the perfect girl, we mean she knows the way to a man’s heart by being a self-declared “Pro-Sandwich Maker.”  You can’t miss this sexy co-ed in Playboy’s November issue since she is the full-page kick off to the Girls of the SEC spread. Hint: Haley is the one holding the sparkler! This hottie is single, loves guys with accents and guys with tattoos. Her College Quiz taught us that she prefers for a guy to go “south” and she has had sex on the 4th floor of the library on campus!

HOT co-ed Jessica Bentley from the University of Florida was the next College girl to join us this morning. Jessica is the gorgeous blonde in her girl on girl Girls of the SEC pictorial! She told us about the time she snuck into a hotel linen closet to have sex. NICE! Our College Quiz gave us more insight on our Blonde College Beauty. She is a girl who rather have a guy go “south” on her and her favorite sexual position is on top.

Tuesday, 10/25/2011

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Actor Skyler Stone & Joe Sib stopped by the Mini Mansion this morning. You may recognize Skyler from the Miller Lite “Manly” Man Rollercoaster commercial … If not click here to laugh your ass off! As we were catching up with the guys, we learned that Joe was concerned that his wife would find out he was doing an interview with Playboy that he didn’t want to tell her. Thankfully he has a fantastic wife who didn’t hesitate to tell Joe to have fun when he accidentally slipped & told her where he was going this morning. Strangely, our conversation turned from Topless Tuesday to how awesome it would be if Abraham Lincoln or Jesus! They’ll be performing their show Stone & Sib Present: Comics. Musicians. For a Cause” tonight at the Hollywood Improv so if you’re in the LA area, check it out! 

College Week with the Girls of the SEC continued with Johnna Dominguez from the University of Alabama! Check out her booty in Playboy’s November issue on page 100! This girl is a very sexual girl who loves being tied up. During her College Playboy Quiz we learned that Johnna has sex in a stock room at her campus’ convenient store, LOVES going “south” and her favorite position is doggy!

Hotties Tawny & Sarah joined us in studio for another round of Sex Mythbusters! The Sex Myth: Women with matching bra & panty, score better on tests. Sarah came in studio with a mix-matched set of underwear on while Tawny wore a matching bra and panty set. After testing the girls, we discovered that it was Sarah in the mismatched set that scored higher than Tawny! The best part of our mythbusting experiment … when Andrea messed it up and told the girls want they were getting themselves into and the findings of the Sex Myth that we were trying to prove. Ha!

Monday, October 24, 2011

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It’s COLLEGE WEEK! Today we kicked off the week with the hot, hot … HOT Girls of the SEC! But before we chatted with all the college girls, we chatted with Doctor Patrick Malluci. Pay attention ladies and gents, this Plastic Surgeon has come up with the formula for the perfect breasts! Dr. Mallucci says it’s all about nipple and breast proportion and position. “The ideal is a 45 to 55 per cent proportion – that is the nipple sits not at the half-way mark down the breast, but at about 45 per cent from the top.” Just to make sure that Andrea has the perfect breasts, we “sexted” a picture to the good doctor of Andrea’s boobies and the Doc confirmed … Andrea has PERFECT TITS!!!


Once we were properly trained by Dr. Malluci on how to spot the perfect breasts, we officially kicked off COLLEGE WEEK! All week long the sexiest Girls of the SEC will be joining us. We went back to back to back with 3 college girls this morning, starting with Liza Benson from the University of Tennessee. For her Playboy pictorial, she had to do a little boob rubbing in order to ger her nipples hard. As we conducted our College Quiz, we learned that Liza is completely shaved, she likes to go “south” and take care of her man and her favorite sexual position is … on top!

Next college girl in line to chat with us was Jackie Pines from the University of Alabama. When this sexy co-ed gets bored, say in Astronomy class, her mind wonders. It wonders to sex! She told us that she used to leave her Astronomy class to take care of herself because her thoughts were just too HOT! Good thing Jackie doesn’t wear panties. During her College Quiz we learned that she’s waxed, likes to go “south” and have someone go “south” on her and her sexual position of choice is on top!

Sexy College Girl Faith Melissa Landford from the University of South Carolina was the perfect lead in to our College Girls for tomorrow’s show. So perfect, we found out this naughty Gamecock used to have sex in the Chapel of her Private High School! Seeing how she doesn’t believein wearing panties her lucky bad boy boyfriend had easy access under Faith’s plaid school girl skirt. NICE! For all you feet lovers out there, Faith gave us a few tips on toe sucking. Most important tip … have CLEAN feet! Her College Quiz allowed us to find out that she is an ALL waxed kind of girl, she gets more turned on going “south” on guy and she likes to grind while being on top.

We finished today’s show with even more sex appeal, as the gorgeous Bridget Marquardt joined us in studio to talk about her favorite holiday, Halloween. From the moment she walked in to the Mini Mansion, we all couldn’t stop staring at Bridget in her super sexy Pirate costume! Her costume line Bridget by Roma is so sexy that we can’t just pick one favorite. Bridget told us that the sexiest costumes this year are the Peacock, Pirate, Sexy Nerd “smarty Pants” and her Hef costume “The Smoking Bachelor.” While Bridget was here, we had her take part in OktoberBREAST! Her Pirate costume gave her perfect cleavage for the picture!


Ladies! It’s not to late to send us your OktoberBREAST pictures. Email us or tweet us your pictures @PBMorningShow!

Halloween Car…Toon-Up!

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Another week, another prize!

Give us your best caption for the cartoon below…


…and you could win a Swann Remote Controlled Helicopter! NICE!

Friday, 10/21/2011

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Sexy Sex Ed Teacher Sofia Love joined us in the Mini Mansion this morning to give us all a lesson on “Role Playing.” It was very educational! We learned that there are many Role Playing categories, for instance … Age Play, Hospital Play, Uniform Play and much much more. She also taught us a good rule to have when Role Playing … Always have a SAFE WORD or if you’re unable to speak, have a tap out understanding. Can’t wait till our next Sex Ed class with Miss Sofia Love.

Sexy Playboy model Leslie Augustine also stopped by the Mini Mansion this morning and brought her mom along. So of course we had to bring her mom in studio with Leslie! We found out that Mrs. Augustine was once approached to be a Playboy Bunny & is very open. After getting to know mom & model Leslie, we played a little game of Who Knows Who Better! Kind of like the Newlywed Game. We asked our Playboy Model Leslie & our Playboy Model Mom the following …

  • Where’s the craziest place you’ve had sex?
  • What’s your favorite sexual position?
  • How far have you gone with another woman?
  • What type of panties are you wearing?
  • How old were you when you lost your virginity?

Turns out that our amazing Playboy Model Mom knows her daughter better & Leslie learned a naughty thing or two about her mom!

Thursday, 10/20/2011

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We gave listeners a chance to Out Playboy, Playboy with Playboy’s Party Jokes REMIX! Straight from the pages of Playboy, here were the jokes …

Joke #1: What’s the best thing about a nudist wedding?

Joke #2: What do tofu and dildos have in common?

Joke #3: What do a penis and a Rubik’s Cube have in common?

Joke #4: How is the 69 position like driving in rush hour traffic?

If you have a punch line, post them in the comments.

Hosts of Playboy Radio En Espanol’s Las Horas Picantes, Alexis Amore & Ann Marie Rios stopped by to talk sexy Spanish to us. They informed us that before they became co-hosts, they had sex with one another. Talk about chemistry! Be sure to listen to them get hot and heavy with topics about quickies and morning sex, not to mention to hear about their “Chonies”! These hot Latinas bring their sexy voices to SiriusXM Channel 569, Monday through Friday 4pm-7pm PST.

Wednesday, 10/19/2011

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Gorgeous Playboy Co-Ed Kinsey Elizabeth called us this morning to get things sexy. So sexy that she was calling us NAKED & shared with us her college threesome experience! However, regular caller Cookie Monster completely took over the interview. Cookie pretended he was the “Dean”of Kinsey’s college, Virginia Common Wealth University, so that he could talk to her. Very sneaky Cookie! Good thing Kinsey has a great sense of humor. Check out more of Kinsey’s naked pictures in Playboy’s Cyber Club!

From one sexy girl to two more sexy girls! Playboy Models Lauren Elise & Sandy Garza  joined us in studio for some Know It or Show It fun. Before we quizzed them we found out that Sandy had sex in the break room of a tire store with a mechanic and her favorite sexual position is the sideways scissor with a guy. Lauren came in studio and shared her first booty call experience, which was just last week! She met a fellow poet & that night/early the next morning, 4am early, she text him and went to his place. She got what she wanted and left. Talk about a woman in control! After we caught up with our Playboy beauties, we quizzed them on …

  • After Losing All Their Money in the Stock Market, Big Bird & Oscar the Grouch Occupied Sesame Street. Questions about Famous Streets.
  • You Can Tell When Siri Has an Orgasm because She Yells I-I-I-iPhone! Things That Start with “I”
  • The Pumpkin Patch is Open for Business and it Looks Like Gina’s Not Wearing Any Undies. Questions about Pumpkin Patches and Halloween Events.

Unfortunately, we ran out of time to get the girls fully naked but at least Sandy removed two articles of clothing!