New Monday Car…toon-Up!

Give us your best caption for the following Playboy cartoon…

…and you could win a fantastic Rogue shirt, featured on page 28 of the October 2011 issue of Playboy!

DO IT NOW! Show off your witty humor by leaving a comment below.

74 Responses to “New Monday Car…toon-Up!”

  1. Scott Jones Says:

    I have the key! You can stop looking for yours.

  2. I knew you would make it up to me! I can’t believe that place didn’t have tossed salad!

  3. Don’t make an ass out of yourself.

  4. Merlin Chong Says:

    John accepts Tina’s invite for a nightcap.

  5. Zach Tullous Says:

    I thought you were a natural blonde

  6. Geesh, Kevin….. I already TOLD you I found the spare key underneath the flower pot, not INSIDE my power twat!

  7. Peek a boo i see you

  8. Ding dong?

  9. I said look in the keyhole, not pee hole

  10. Why carry a purse, when you have such a beautiful box?

  11. Sorry Andrea I couldn’t wait to satisfy my sweet tooth

  12. Marc chagnon Says:

    This isn’t where I parked my ca

  13. You’re right I do hear the ocean!!

  14. Honey? Are you sure this is where you lost your keys at?

  15. Zach Tullous Says:

    Are you sure you and your sister aren’t identical twins

  16. Next time we go out can we make sure we have enough money for BOTH of us to eat at the restaurant.

  17. Sweet! This one doesn’t have a dick.

  18. Dr. Licktenstein, your door to door abortion expert.

  19. Jim Tiller Says:

    I don’t think this is what your wife meant when she said, “Take the babysitter home!”

  20. If you would have shaved my beard wouldn’t have gotten tangled

  21. hmmf hmmf hmmmf, You can’t come up until your done Mr. Klein if you don’t eat it your don’t need it.

  22. Like I told you before Pinochio… If you would stop lying things like this wouldn’t keep happening!

  23. “Didnt you get enough to eat at dinner ?”

  24. I can’t believe I waited so long to try sushi…..

  25. When you said you’d give me a ride home, I didn’t know you meant a mustache ride!?

  26. If you want to beat me at a game of hide and seek, you’re really going to have to become more creative!

  27. Andrea’s so called “attempt” to sneak Kevin inside and past the Korean.

  28. Anthony Ohlendorf Says:

    Come on Andrea this is why I said not to take to take the salt an pepper shakers from the restaurant….. PUSH! !!!

  29. Do you have cats? I smell cat food!

  30. Do you believe me now that I am a real blonde?

  31. I’m so glad I won the contest for an up close and personal, “Underwear Update”!!!

  32. These snozberries taste like snozberries.

  33. David MacNaughton aka tinythetrucker Says:

    “Eat it good bitch remember you only paid the desk clerk for one hour!”

  34. Woman says: …3….2…1 ok ready or not here I come

  35. Your right honey it is a lot warmer down here but i could do without the breeze.

  36. honey, let me re-explain the rules to hide and seek

  37. I just couldn’t wait for dessert

  38. Just cause it taste like kettle corn doesn’t mean u had to eat it for the whole movie

  39. I can’t see no little man in a boat in this jungle

  40. Just hold on i have scissors in the house to free your braces from my pubes

  41. You know Kevin, you’re more interesting since you stopped talking!

  42. I said you could come inside for a drink, but I guess you could not wait!

  43. Ummm. Smells like kettle corn.

  44. Gee your hair does smell terrific!

  45. Boy, I didn’t realize just how much you liked me. I said I had the key! Not that I have to pee!

  46. After meeting his blind date, Jim decided to try a new “opening move” as she locked her door.

  47. Damn girl maybe i’m just drunk, but you’ve got the most spacious foyer i’ve ever been in…. By the way have you called anyone for your pest problem?

  48. Are you sure this is what they ment when they said an underwear update?

  49. Im pretty sure I was around here when I lost the ability to make decisions for myself.

  50. I got the doorbell no need for keys!!

  51. Thank you for respecting my decision to not kiss at the end of our first date.

  52. “Hunny I know you have something stuck in your teeth but can’t you wait till we get inside? There is floss in the bathroom.”

  53. I said COME inside with me!

  54. “…I said keyhole! ?”

  55. “It I’d my opinion nobody will believe we are siamese twins.”

  56. Kellon Obrist Says:

    Do you really think my husband’s not going to notice you there!?!

  57. I’m glad i didn’t ask you to help me with my back door…

  58. F R A G I L E. ” Must be Italian”

  59. Those damn kids! I told them not to cook fish in the house – I can smell it from here, and we aren’t even inside yet!

  60. Kevin is God Says:

    Good thing she didn’t want to go in the back door.

  61. I love Kevin Says:

    I told you I felt like pie for dessert

  62. I love Kevin Says:

    Most people just hide it under a fake rock.

  63. A pierced brosnan

  64. I didn’t say “cunnilingus”, I said “Come inside,Angus”….

  65. When I asked you to come over and help find my pussy, I meant to look for my cat!

  66. I’ll give you to the count of three to stop that. 99… 98… 97…

  67. The Korean’s pacifier

  68. Parascope up!!!!

  69. do you think the Korean seen me

  70. Shane Liebi Says:

    Are you sure my dad won’t see you?

  71. I thought you told me to hide from your husband in the Bush ?

  72. Just let me get this door unlocked and I can get the keys to my chastity belt for you

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