Wednesday 10/5/11

Today, website mogul Ben Huh joined us to tell us all about his ridiculously famous sites, such as I Can Haz Cheezburger, FAIL blog and more. He says that he gets 15,000 submissions a day, and about 90% of them feature phallic items! We’re not surprised. Ben also revealed that the country with the biggest FAIL quota is…RUSSIA. He blames it on faulty architecture.

Ben stuck around for our weekly round of Know It Or Show It, featuring Jennie Reid, Hillary Fisher and RadioMate Dani Mathers. Instead of the usual Ask a Black Man lifeline, the ladies got to ask a Smart Asian Man. However, our Smart Asian Man had a big fat FAIL of his own when he gave the CORRECT answer to one of our questions. Clearly he needs a Know It Or Show It tutorial.

And we spoke with our beautiful October 2011 Barmate, Nicole Jaye. Nicole works as a bartender at Alibi Café in Providence, Rhode Island. She says guys use all the cheesy pick-up lines on her, such as, “Did it hurt…when you fell from Heaven?” Since she is single and LOOKING, guys, you’ll want to step up your game. Nicole told us about the time she had a champagne fight with some of her girlfriends…and wound up in her underwear! We consider that a proper use of alcohol. You can see ALL OF Nicole on pg. 22 of Playboy magazine’s October 2011 issue.

One Response to “Wednesday 10/5/11”

  1. TC Takemura Says:

    Is there a way that one could listen to a replay if this with these guests somewhere on the net?

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