Thursday 10/6/11

Today, Playmate Shanna McLaughlin stopped by to clear the air on her recent arrest at the Orlando airport. She was frisked aggressively – as you can imagine, she didn’t have a lesbian inmate encounter, and there were no characters from Disney World keeping her company in the pokey. Shanna was such a good sport about discussing her arrest, that Andrea rewarded her with a pile-driver. 

We spoke with comedian Gabriel Iglesias. He loves to eat, and especially enjoys it when women wine and dine him. So, Jenn offered to split a piece of chocolate cake with him. He said, “yes” – it’s a date! Gabriel says he’s “fluffy,” not fat. In fact, if you Google the word “fluffy,” Gabriel rates higher than bunnies and cotton candy…His new series, “Gabriel Iglesias Presents Stand-Up Revolution,”  premieres tonight on Comedy Central. Check it out!

We tried to steal the world record for wearing the most underpants, from some kid in New York. Our lovely Playboy Model Cody Renee tried to squeeze her tiny butt into 216 pairs of panties from Playboy Intimates, but started losing circulation in her legs and had to stop at 72. O-well, we had fun trying! Congrats, Kid from New York. You’re still the champ.




And we talked to Jonathan Ames, who wrote, “I’m a Bearded Lady in a Freak Show,” on page 38 of the October issue of Playboy. He confessed that he has a lot of negative thoughts, but loves bath houses, the ocean, and dogs. Jonathan is also the creator of HBO’s “Bored to Death,” starring Jason Schwartzman, Zach Galifianakis and Ted Danson. He says they often give Danson phony marijuana – because he gets a placebo-high, which is great for his character. The new season premieres Monday, October 10th at 9pm ET/PT.

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