Friday 10/7/11

Actress Ashlynn Yennie joined us to talk about the release of her new movie, “The Human Centipede 2”! She is the ONLY returning character in the franchise. In the first film, she was the ass of the centipede – but in the sequel, she got promoted to the face of the centipede! Congratulations, Ashlynn! So, what do we have to look forward to in the new installment? More nudity, and apparently the most fabulous prosthetic breasts we’ve ever seen. That alone is worth the price of admission…Check out “The Human Centipede 2″ in theaters today!

Joey Buttafuoco also dropped in, to talk about his upcoming celebrity boxing match with Lou Ballera – a.k.a. Mr. Amy Fisher – for FilmOn’sCelebrity Fight Night.” Joey has been training both at The Bunny Ranch in Nevada with professional wrestler Chyna, and in Los Angeles with Frank Silva at Mejiro Boxing. We predict that Joey’s going to KICK SOME ASS…Joey is now married to Evanka Franjko, and says there’s not a chance in the world he’d cheat on her. He did, however, see Evanka get frisky with Chyna one time!

Staying true to Friday tradition, comedian Mike Young stopped by to not only make us laugh, but to coach our beautiful Playboy Special Editions Bunny Carrie Lynn! Carrie did her best to be funny – and we give her credit for the effort…Mike was also lucky enough to have Carrie fondle his chest hair. We just may have made a love connection! You’re welcome, Mike.

And last but certainly not least, we met Sonia, the security receptionist at Playboy Headquarters in Chicago. Sonia says that people come up with all sorts of excuses to try to sneak into the building. They’ll bring pictures of Hef and claim to be related to him – heck, some people even claim to be Hef! Nice try, con-artists. (Although, we can’t really blame you. Playboy Headquarters is pretty much the Fort Knox of hot chicks.) Here’s a tip: If you want to try to sweet talk Sonia, bring her a chocolate chip muffin. She loves them!

Hot Sonia!

2011 PMOY Claire Sinclair at Playboy Headquarters

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