Monday Car…toon-Up!

Here we go again! Give us your best caption for the cartoon below, and you could win a kick-ass prize from the pages of Playboy…

Oh yeah, here’s what you get – a pair of Original Pilot sunglasses from AO Eyewear, featured on pg. 44 of the October 2011 issue. SWEET!

88 Responses to “Monday Car…toon-Up!”

  1. “Wow!! What sort of fees did you have to pay for this?? Whatever it is, it’s worth it!!

  2. Zach Tullous Says:

    Ummm captain I hate to bother you but which one is the landing gear

  3. Alejandro Says:

    Y eso era lo que incluía si pagaba el seguro del vuelo?

  4. All I got was honey roasted peanuts….

  5. So who’s flying the plane?

  6. Come on John my job is one thing but now my wife

  7. So this is what first class is all about!

  8. Crossing mile high anal off your list Gina?

  9. SeymourBrewski Says:

    I thought we had to be in the air before it was considered the Mile High Club!

  10. I would like a blanket too.

  11. Ummm, excuse me miss, when your done there can I get a towel, I’m gonna have a mess to wipe up?

  12. Excuse me sir, but thats my seat!

  13. Best flight simulator ever!!!!

  14. Andrea, I understand you want to join the mile high club in many different ways, but do you have to do the pilot? The rest of us would prefer to keep crashing from a mile high off of our list of what we have done.

  15. Hey, your not the captain… get out of the cockpit!

  16. Well this gives a whole new meaning to Bangkok!

  17. Excuse me captain, but your needed in the other cockpit.


  19. Turtle Theriault Says:

    How many frequent flyer miles did that cost?

  20. Is that what you meant by the upright and locked position.

  21. Umm….I think you’re in my seat…

  22. I knew you weren’t gay …

  23. Excuse me miss……but my service light was on before his…

  24. Dennis Workman Says:

    I knew I should’ve got a first class ticket!

  25. 1965tbird Says:

    Gina is this how you got the money for that OZ play?

  26. It’s nice to see the terrorist haven’t taken all the fun out of flying…

  27. you told me that you are gay!!!!

  28. Paul Elliott Says:

    I knew I should upgraded to first class

  29. I have a window seat but it’s cloudy. The movie sucks. Mind if I watch.

  30. Kevin, Gina, ” You got 1st Ass, I thought you told me to get 1st Class “

  31. ”Ummm,excuse me Gina,that’s my husband!”

  32. Hey Buddy, once the plane takes off, you won’t be able to take off on your Sex Doll. No electronic devices and all…

  33. Ummmm…where are the rest of passengers?

  34. “I’m sick and tired of these MOTHERFUCKING snakes on this MOTHERFUCKING plane!”

  35. Wow, i thought you told me that you were flying for business not pleasure!

  36. I dont think that’s that right Cockpit

  37. I dont think thats the right Cockpit.

  38. Hey,you’re right about this airline…There IS cleavelage in the fuselage…..

  39. David MacNaughton aka tinythetrucker Says:

    “No Sir this is not the Captain this is the infamous Night Rider He’s going to get my picture in Playboy Magazine!”

  40. chris larson Says:

    “For a minute there I was confused, I thought I was on a motor boat. Now I recognize that glorious sound!” Mmmmmmmoooootttttooooorrrr bbbooooaaaattttt bbbbbbbbbbbbb!!!!!!

  41. I should’ve listened to my dad when he told me to be a pilot!

  42. “Gina…honey, we’re in seats 26A and 26B.”

  43. So this is the new seat belt air bag protection system. Very Nice.

  44. ed kulchar Says:

    Why the fuck can’t I convince the future ex to do that?

  45. I knew I should have cashed in my free miles…

  46. Is that the new interactive laptop model?

  47. mike turner Says:

    hostess!! i paid for a first ass seat too!!

  48. “Yes….the plane needs to be in-flight in order to join the mile high club”

  49. Now keven close your mouth it is not like you have not seen my ta tas. Please dont tell my hubby

  50. Farrell says ” Kevin and Gina, this is no way to spend an unpaid day off

  51. I thought the plane was shaking because of turbulence.

  52. Mind if I watch? The in-flight movie sucks!!

  53. curtisrox Says:

    the best way to enjoy turbulence

  54. I see you have the new interactive laptop deluxe!

  55. ryandunlopski Says:

    Honey, the captain said “you may now disembark, enjoy your stay… NOT you may now disrobe and enjoy my cock!”
    Ryan from toronto

  56. That’s much better than the TSA pat-down that I got.

  57. ……Cpt. When you said we were on “E”, I thought you meant the fuel was low……..

  58. Um… ‘scuse me… They’ve called for preboarding at the gate…. I finally know what that means!

  59. ryandunlopski Says:

    So let me get this straight MIKE if that’s your real name, if you’re a lesbian, you get kicked off. If you’re too fat you get kicked off. But if you work for South West you can ‘get’ off, BUT not get kicked off???!!! I thought WE got fucked!

  60. Gina finally doing something people would like to watch!!

  61. Mom!!!!

  62. scott paul Says:

    um, Captain, how much longer untill we take off ??

  63. Excuse me but you have to be in the air to join the mile high club

  64. Hey the captain hasn’t turned off the fasten seat belt sign yet….

  65. What? I couldn’t very well put her in the overhead compartment or under my seat.

  66. “we can tell by your reaction that you vote republican. “

  67. You gonna finish that?

  68. You’re not fooling anyone with the red wig Andrea. And by the way, you’ve missed another flight for a Morning Show appearance!

  69. Honey I said ask if you can see the cockpit and meet the pilot, not meet the pilot and see his cock!!!

  70. You know, red is my favorite color. Its so vibrant and its the middle of the rainbow.

  71. So, THAT’S what you mean by, “Seats in their upright position.”

  72. Dammit Bob, they said put your tray tables in the upright and locked position!

  73. Kevin Rocks Says:

    I take it the overhead compartments were full?

  74. It looks like some flights still give nuts

  75. Kevin is king Says:

    Dammit! Is this Jet Blue Balls?

  76. Erik from Canada Says:

    Gina…. Honey I know you want a part in the new play about T&A airline but I dont think you will get this way….. since he is only the set designer

  77. “Excuse me sir but I believe you are in my wife”

  78. Erik from Canada Says:

    Gina…. Honey I know you want a part in the new T&A airlines play but I don’t think you will get it since he is only the set designer.

  79. “Ummm,,Uncle Kevin..When you’re done your cowgirl with Gina, Jaron,who has a seat back in the “no-class” section would like to go down on her when you’re done.”

  80. sir please be seated we will take off as soon as i get off !!!

  81. All I got was a lousy bag of peanuts!!

  82. Jeff Duncan Says:

    Kevin Can I help you with Ginas back door.

  83. GODDAMMIT…i never get the good seats!!!

  84. “Sir we said stay in your seat and buckle your belt not play in your seat and f___K yourself”

  85. Hey Kevin are you going to show Gina what A Blumpkin is so we can take off ?

  86. Hurry up Gina’s got to get to her play, Theres 4 people waiting in the audience !

  87. Gina! When you told me you where going to do a pilot I thought you were talking about an acting gig!

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