Friday, 10/14/2011

We ended our short week with Friday morning drinking Moonshine & eating Oysters! Master Distiller Chuck Miller of the Original Moonshine joined us in studio with Sexy Moonshine Mixologist Heather Storm. Chuck told us how his Moonshine recipe goes all the way back to his Grandfather in the prohibition era when he used to smuggle Moonshine to Senators and Congressmen in Washington DC. He even informed us that it’s a FACT women get horny on Moonshine! Turn On! So to prove Chuck right, Moonshine’s Sexy Mixologist Heather mixed some AMAZING drinks that even Chuck’s Grandfather would be proud of.

The party didn’t stop at the Moonshine. We went from getting our drink on to getting turned on as Rappahannock River Oysters owners Ryan & Travis Croxton came in the Mini Mansion with oysters in hand. Ryan & Travis are dedicated listeners who are out in Los Angeles for the LA Food & Wine event taking place this weekend. See guys, it’s easy to sneak into the Mini Mansion! Just bring food or booze and you’re in! With Oysters being an Aphrodisiac, we did the only thing we do best, bring in HOT girls to eat oysters to see just how turned on they would get! Beauties Tania & Karla enjoyed each oyster to test their horny levels with each swallow. The end results … Well we’re not sure! At the end we couldn’t tell if the girls were horny off the Moonshine, Oysters or if it was natural. Oh well,  back to the drawing board!


Oh and let’s not forget Andrea did her NFL Tittie picks for Week 6 of the season. This week she had a little help from our hot bartender Heather! Heather was kind enough to help Andrea out by rubbing Moonshine on Andrea’s titties … Need we explain more??? Well, here’s the video. ENJOY!

One Response to “Friday, 10/14/2011”

  1. Would like to say I love the show…….also llike to say Yall the best two radio host in the morning………keep up the good work!!!!! Love ya Andrew and Kevin…….U rock

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