Tuesday, 10/18/2011

Things got hot & heavy this morning in the Mini Mansion. We did our own focus group this morning with our beautiful Playboy Models RadioMate Dani Mathers & our newest RadioMate Miss October Megan Medellin. Things got pretty interesting when we went over the 40 Things Guys Do WRONG In Bed! Read closely boys here are some of the highlights …

  • BLOWING IN HER EAR … Don’t! A simple hot breath in her ear does the trick.
  • SQUEEZING HER BREASTS … Depends on the sex. If you’re having slow passionate sex, caress her breasts. If you’re having rough sex, squeeze away!
  • BITING HER NIPPLES … YES!!! Pay attention to her to know just how hard she likes it. Trust us, she’ll let you know.
  • STOPPING FOR A BREAK … When need be. A quick water break is ok just don’t take a “Chipotle” break, Kevin!
  • GIVING HER A WEDGIE DURING FOREPLAY … Can be hot if you’re admiring vajay through her panties. Definitely NOT ok to give her a man-made camel toe flossing.
  • LOOKING AT HER WHEN YOUR DOWN THERE … Don’t, it’s creepy! When women only see your eyes it can be a BIG turn off. So don’t pull a “Wilson” next time your pleasuring your lady.

After all the advice we officially crowned our October RadioMate with the traditional passing of the Mic from Dani’s boobs to Megan’s boobs. Once the mic was passed we got our RadioMate’s naked and did our RadioMate photo shoot with our sexy resident photographer Krystle Lina!!! Here are the behind the scenes pictures of our shoot …



FUN RADIOMATE FACT: Dani & Megan hooked up while at Camp Playboy! Their hook up wasn’t for the cameras, in fact, they started making out while in bed together and the camera crew caught wind of the action so they rushed in to film the naughty hook up. TURN ON!!!

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