Thursday, 10/20/2011

We gave listeners a chance to Out Playboy, Playboy with Playboy’s Party Jokes REMIX! Straight from the pages of Playboy, here were the jokes …

Joke #1: What’s the best thing about a nudist wedding?

Joke #2: What do tofu and dildos have in common?

Joke #3: What do a penis and a Rubik’s Cube have in common?

Joke #4: How is the 69 position like driving in rush hour traffic?

If you have a punch line, post them in the comments.

Hosts of Playboy Radio En Espanol’s Las Horas Picantes, Alexis Amore & Ann Marie Rios stopped by to talk sexy Spanish to us. They informed us that before they became co-hosts, they had sex with one another. Talk about chemistry! Be sure to listen to them get hot and heavy with topics about quickies and morning sex, not to mention to hear about their “Chonies”! These hot Latinas bring their sexy voices to SiriusXM Channel 569, Monday through Friday 4pm-7pm PST.

3 Responses to “Thursday, 10/20/2011”

  1. Punchline for joke #3 the more you play with them the harder they get !

  2. I was on the phone on Thursday 10/20/2011. During the playboy jokes Remix. The joke about the penis and rubix cube and why are they common. My punchline was because they both cum in a box. lol. You said it was clever and thought I won. I don’t know if I got disconnected . Any way I love the show and you are all sexy people

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