Halloween Car…Toon-Up!

Another week, another prize!

Give us your best caption for the cartoon below…


…and you could win a Swann Remote Controlled Helicopter! NICE!

101 Responses to “Halloween Car…Toon-Up!”

  1. Zach Tullous Says:

    Hey cowboy I’m not a blonde where did you hide my costume

  2. Camofrawg Says:

    Gina “how ’bout we do the Cuntry Ho Go Down?”

  3. Why yes i’m jazz hands Gina…

  4. Gina says; Your a cowboy and I am a holster and when I turn around you will see where your six shooter goes!

  5. “it was either this or a vampire”

  6. Damn Jim that’s the best naked woman costume ever!!!!!!!

  7. Hi, my name is Gina Yates. If you fill up this glass I’ll let you fill up my ass.

  8. Gina says, ‘hey cowboy, guess where I hid your lasao?’

  9. Gina’s next play lil whorphan Annie

  10. This isnt what i expected when i ordered another six shooter

  11. Do you know how to ride bare back?

  12. Hey Cowboy, bet I can hang on for 8 seconds..

  13. Howdy Cowboy, want some raw hide?

  14. David MacNaughton aka tinythetrucker Says:

    “So you must own the Pickup with the sticker that says save a horse ride a cowboy” I’m game.

  15. No thank you… Honest Abe said your a bit of a tramp.

  16. “Wait. What is going on behind me? I fucking hate being a pumpkin,”

  17. Drew scheetz Says:

    I didn’t come to ride and rope I came to buck and fuck

  18. So what do you think about my Nipple Meridian?

  19. Hey Larry great costume, thanks bill.

  20. I’ve seen the pumpkin, now show me A big Ol cowboy Blumpkin!

  21. Hi save a Horse. Ride a cowboy?

  22. Hey Mary, boy that’s a hellof a coincidence, your mother has the same costume as you do.

  23. That red-headed bitch outdid my costume again!! I hate red heads! *Spoken by the blond.

  24. Do you know if club soda will get a wine stain off of my vagina?

  25. Steve noyes Says:

    I’d hate to brake up a friendship but boy would I love to cum between you two.

  26. Hi Cowboy! My costume is Viagra and I see it’s working already

  27. “Hey cowboy, is that a pistol in your pants, or you just glad to see me?”

  28. Don’t look, but I think Abe is checkin out my friends ass!

  29. Hay cowboy let me ride you bareback

  30. Sorry ladies, I only pump kin…….

  31. Bear-back? But, that’s a cowboy costume…

  32. “Can you fill me up cowboy?” “I’d love to, can I order you a drink also?”

  33. Drew scheetz Says:

    This is gunna be wilder than any 8 second ride

  34. The guy at the costume store called this one “The Emperor”, and he LOVED the way it looked on me.

  35. You look like you could use a ride.

  36. I like being ridden hard, and put away wet.

  37. This ain’t my first rodeo…

  38. “Yeah but can you play the horse? My wife here already has the whip.”

  39. Keith Cronan Says:

    Hey Cowboy, how do you like my Lady Godiva costume. Let’s saddle up and ride!

  40. “The name’s Godiva. I’ve misplaced my horse and was hoping to ride you instead, cowboy.”

  41. Dan Croatto Says:

    Is that a gun in your poket , or are you just glad to see me?

  42. “I love your hat.” “I love your tits.”

  43. By the way time travelling leaves you naked! 😉

  44. Well you see Kevin, this is what you’re missing by not coming to my plays.

  45. “It’s just in the theme of things, I’m really morally conservative.” “Yeah and I’m an indian for Halloween.”

  46. “Well, the invitation did say, ‘costume optional’.”

  47. red head: I made it myself call it the emperor’s new clothes costume!

  48. “Well, the invitation did say, ‘costume optional.'”

  49. Jam(i)e(s) Says:

    Hey cowboy, i’m Gina… if you fill up my cup i won’t even charge you a nickle to tickle your pickle.

  50. Wow Andrea, when you said sexy cowboy… I pictured something much different!

  51. So if you empty that bottle i can fill it with my own special blend.

  52. It’s amazing i can feel it moving around up their so i know it’s still alive. But no one can tell that i have a hamster up my ass.

  53. Sure we can!!! meet me the mens room and i will poop on your chest. Bring you hat their might be extra.

  54. And that blonde bitch is so stupid she bet me that i couldn’t get rid of the ghosts in my clothes. I showed her.

  55. I was lucky this was the last Gina costume they had. It does have a small hole in the ass i don’t know how it got their. But my ass does hurt has anyone seen my date Kevin. He’s dressed in a Jeron costume.

  56. Hey cowboy I want to ride you bareback

  57. Oh yes, I came as a cowgirl…………reverse cowgirl! Bottoms Up!

  58. Hey Darlin’, your little friend here did a nice job carving up that pumpkin but hold my glass while I show her what knife play really means!

  59. Well I thought you said cowboy and skindian.

  60. Marco from Utah Says:

    Hey woody have u seen my lightsaber ??????

  61. Gina won the best costume at the play mansion with the invisible wonder woman costume. Her prize is the toby Keith lookalike and she ready to show him why red heads are the best in the whole spectrum.

  62. “I would rather go bobbing for your apple”.

  63. thenakedtrucker Says:

    What do you mean I don’t have a costume? Fill up my glass and I will show you where I keep my light saber!

  64. I see your costume isn’t riding up your ass as bad as mine is.

  65. Robert A. Says:

    Jessie finally found a way to give her friend a Woddie

  66. If I had your boots on then I would be Puss N’ Boots!

  67. I was gonna dress-up as a nudist, but someone said it was a 70’s party so I came as a streaker instead….

  68. I can see you are excited to be here but I did not realize you were the “Long Ranger”, how would you like to become the “Red Rider”.

  69. This sure beats the hell out of Brokeback Mountain!

  70. Dean Naulr Says:

    My costume?? It got wet from the last bobbing for cowboys contest.

  71. Dean Nault Says:

    Don’t know why, just really want the helicopter !!!!

  72. Dean Nault Says:

    You don’t recognize a skin flute when you see one?

  73. Drew scheetz Says:

    Cowboy- Howdy mam the names Charlie Princess you might have heard of me Woman- No but I’ve heard of a washed up whore named Charlie Princess

  74. Andrea: Gina, how dare you upstage me at a party…”I’m awesome”!
    Gina: shut it bitch before I go all “jazz hands” on you…I need to get my anal on tonight!

  75. Gina say’s Hey Cowboy fetch me another drink and I’ll give free tickets to one of my plays

  76. Well cowboy, how do you feel about riding bare back?

  77. …….Kevin and Andrea, that’s how I learned about anal first hand!

  78. I’m trying to raise money for my community theater. $5 for the butt and $7.50 for a blumpkin. I think Jeron has a $1 off coupon if you can find him.

  79. I had too many costumes…so I decided to be Eve!

  80. red head: it’s my birthday, so I dressed up in my birthday suit. You like?

  81. ryandunlopski Says:

    “Let me guess, you’re dressed as Gina’s cousin?”

  82. I treat my women like I do my horses, ride them hard and put them away wet.

  83. Great costume ma’am. That’s the best looking axe wound I’ve seen in a while.

  84. I don’t need a costume I have jazz hands

  85. Floyd pellegrino Says:

    they were all out of the Buddhist costume so the guy suggested a nudist costume

  86. I bet you know how to ride’m, Cowboy.

  87. Hey Cowboy, bet you can’t ride me for 8 seconds.

  88. Are you a rodeo cowboy? If so, then, moo moo buckaroo!

  89. Welcome to Night Calls on Playboy Radio, 102!

  90. Oh, costume I thought it was a cum test party.

  91. Yo Cowboy..1 more glass of wine and my lil doggies are gonna wanna be hog tied to your horn

  92. I said what what in the butt

  93. WOW Honey,
    That pill you gave me was wonderfull. I feel so free after leaving the coat check.

  94. Hey Cowboy, how about you take your horse out of the barn and take it for a ride in my hills?

  95. Vearl Moyer Says:

    Wow your costume is so like like. You look like your really naked.

  96. I couldn’t decide on a costume until I looked in the mirror and realized that this was the costume everyone was trying to see.

  97. So after the dog ripped off my ghost costume I realized I probably should start wearing underwear.

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