Tuesday, 10/25/2011

Actor Skyler Stone & Joe Sib stopped by the Mini Mansion this morning. You may recognize Skyler from the Miller Lite “Manly” Man Rollercoaster commercial … If not click here to laugh your ass off! As we were catching up with the guys, we learned that Joe was concerned that his wife would find out he was doing an interview with Playboy that he didn’t want to tell her. Thankfully he has a fantastic wife who didn’t hesitate to tell Joe to have fun when he accidentally slipped & told her where he was going this morning. Strangely, our conversation turned from Topless Tuesday to how awesome it would be if Abraham Lincoln or Jesus! They’ll be performing their show Stone & Sib Present: Comics. Musicians. For a Cause” tonight at the Hollywood Improv so if you’re in the LA area, check it out! 

College Week with the Girls of the SEC continued with Johnna Dominguez from the University of Alabama! Check out her booty in Playboy’s November issue on page 100! This girl is a very sexual girl who loves being tied up. During her College Playboy Quiz we learned that Johnna has sex in a stock room at her campus’ convenient store, LOVES going “south” and her favorite position is doggy!

Hotties Tawny & Sarah joined us in studio for another round of Sex Mythbusters! The Sex Myth: Women with matching bra & panty, score better on tests. Sarah came in studio with a mix-matched set of underwear on while Tawny wore a matching bra and panty set. After testing the girls, we discovered that it was Sarah in the mismatched set that scored higher than Tawny! The best part of our mythbusting experiment … when Andrea messed it up and told the girls want they were getting themselves into and the findings of the Sex Myth that we were trying to prove. Ha!

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