Wednesday, 10/26/2011

We had some topless fun with paints this morning! Body Artist Justine joined us in studio to paint BRA BREAKING NEWS on the beautiful breasts of our resident photographer and birthday girl Krystle Lina. Justine has worked with The Foo Fighters, Metallica, KISS member Paul Stanley, Bono, Paramore, Blink-182 and more. Ripped straight from the headlines, Justine painted a dead Gaddafi with all his billions on Krystle boobies!

While Krystle was being painted, we continued COLLEGE WEEK with more Girls of the SEC! Nina Valerie from the University of Georgia checked in with us telling us about her nature photo shoot in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia. We found out more about Nina when we gave her our College Quiz. We learned that she rather go south, she’s a big fan of roadhead. We approve!

From Auburn University, Haley Ann chatted with us about being the perfect girl! And by the perfect girl, we mean she knows the way to a man’s heart by being a self-declared “Pro-Sandwich Maker.”  You can’t miss this sexy co-ed in Playboy’s November issue since she is the full-page kick off to the Girls of the SEC spread. Hint: Haley is the one holding the sparkler! This hottie is single, loves guys with accents and guys with tattoos. Her College Quiz taught us that she prefers for a guy to go “south” and she has had sex on the 4th floor of the library on campus!

HOT co-ed Jessica Bentley from the University of Florida was the next College girl to join us this morning. Jessica is the gorgeous blonde in her girl on girl Girls of the SEC pictorial! She told us about the time she snuck into a hotel linen closet to have sex. NICE! Our College Quiz gave us more insight on our Blonde College Beauty. She is a girl who rather have a guy go “south” on her and her favorite sexual position is on top.

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