Thursday, 10/27/2011

We started our morning with Hot Chicks & Football Picks! Fantasy Chix Fabiola and Missy kicked off our morning! These HOT girls are highly knowledgeable in Fantasy Football and are available to help you throughout the season. Both Fabiola & Missy are former Miami Dolphin Cheerleaders who educate themselves on all things football. Sexy girls who know football is a huge TURN ON! Be sure to follow these Fantasy Chix every Sunday for their LIVE football tweets! And by the way, you may remember Fabiola from 2005 when she along with her fellow co-eds caught the nation’s attention while in the stands of a FSU game. Yup, you guessed it! She’s one of the original FSU Cowgirls!



College Week with the Girls of the SEC continued this morning. We had a lot of fun with Gabrielle Rushing from University of Florida! She told us about her wild Freshman year when she got a little frisky with a guy while her friend was sleeping in the same room. From her ‘College Quiz’ we learned that this sexy co-ed doesn’t mess around! When it comes to her campus, she told us that you’re not truly a gator until you have sex on the football field. She also informed us that she hooked-up at one of the Fraternity Houses on campus, she is fully shaved & she likes to go ‘south’ while getting the ‘southern’ treatment at the same time!

Our next gorgeous College girl to talk to us was Maggie Taylor from the Ole Miss! After we learned that this hot co-ed was into guys in baseball uniforms, Kevin was nice enough to share with Maggie his baseball ‘skills.’ Nice try Kevin! During her ‘College Quiz’ we discovered that she is a good girl who has never gone ‘south’ nor has she been given any ‘southern comfort.’ Her innocence definitely makes her sexier!

We continued our morning with more gorgeous girls in studio! Playboy Cover Girls Rachelle Wilde & Ashley Perry are visiting Los Angeles from Canada for a weekend of Halloween fun at the Playboy Mansion! These girls are on the cover TOGETHER of Playboy’s Lingerie Special Edition magazine. If you don’t have it … you are missing out! All we’re saying is thank goodness Ashley convince Rachelle to do Playboy. These girls are not just friends they are Best Friends with Benefits! These two bi-curious beauties met on a naked photo shoot and were immediately attracted to one another and they’ve been inseparable ever since. They enjoy each other, have had a threesome together and have a mutual understanding about hooking up with other girls. We LOVE these girls!


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  1. larry kubizna Says:

    love the post guys keep up the good work

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