Monday Car…Toon-Up!

Another chance to impress us with your fine wit! Give us your best caption for the cartoon below…

…and win an XtremeMac: Tango TRX a Bluetooth high-quality audio dock for your iPod, iPhone and iPad! It’s valued at $179.99, and will totally impress your friends.

73 Responses to “Monday Car…Toon-Up!”

  1. “i dont remember seeing this in the new student orientation paperwork”

  2. Kevin Fochuk Says:

    OH Tiffany your so lucky, John has perfect form! I can’t wait for him to cum down the slopes of my ass!

  3. Pardon me sir, but can you pass the grey pupon???

  4. thenakedtrucker Says:

    “This will help us win March badness for sure!”

  5. You’re right! This cock made my ears ring….

  6. Zach tullous Says:

    Come on Jen you know what I ment when I said all we need is a red head

  7. Wally (from Canada) Says:

    hey Gina, I see you dyed your hair brown….

  8. An they call us the brady bunch!

  9. Black hair lady “I picked him up at the race track, armature drivers, always concentrating on the start and wants to finish first”

  10. I really hope that was a queef….

  11. ” then fold your batter into a greased 9 x 12 baking pan and bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes…”

  12. David MacNaughton aka tinythetrucker Says:

    I’m glad we swapped your absolutly right both of these guys are much better than That Jaron off the hizzle guy from the Play Boy Morning show.

  13. Your right betty Canadians are bigger.

  14. so how is the test drive?

  15. Susan sounds like a dolphin!
    That’s because John hit the wrong hoe!

  16. Andrea says to Jen ” i like fucking Gadaffi, hows Carrot top doin over there?”

  17. Hey Jay, let’s have them sit on our faces next! I “nose” they’ll love it.

  18. Maybe we should sit on their face.

  19. Drew scheetz Says:

    Is this a queen or king size bed

  20. I think I just had a blow out!

  21. See Jen, this is how you party in Vegas. Just don’t tell the Korean!!

  22. “That’s a great idea…. Next week I’m going to try the Veal.”

  23. Now this is what I call a spa with a happy ending

  24. Keven I told you if it is for the show I would do anything. Just dont tweet this jen please…..

  25. This is the last house we ask trick or treat !

  26. That reminds me, Lisa, did you let the dogs out?

  27. The guys in the back is thinking “Did I turn the iron off?”…lol

  28. Steve noyes Says:

    I don’t know about you, but I’m about to ride this guys nose it’s ways bigger then his cock!!!

  29. Hey Andrea, if he fucks me any harder in the ass my wig is going to fall off.(Gina) I knew I should have just went to my play instead…… Its ok Gina Kevin thinks he is big but his nose is bigger, maybe I should just sit on his face again..

  30. Andrea, “Jen, can you believe Kevin grew a porn stash, oh and how is Gina’s brother”?

  31. ryandunlopski Says:

    Debbie, I can’t believe we’re sleeping with stars!! This hairy guy told me he’s the KNIGHTRIDER and that redheaded chick banging you with the strap-on works ‘off-broadway’!

  32. ryandunlopski Says:

    “Oh I know, IM AMAZING!!!!”

  33. heads or tails has a “whole” new meaning!!!

  34. chrisfromfla Says:

    Hey you’re right, that is athird npple

  35. chrisfromfla Says:

    ooops, i think I forgot to take my pill this morning….

  36. chrisfromfla Says:

    if I tweek to the left, it goes left..

  37. chrisfromfla Says:

    Hey, that plant remind me of that time in mexico

  38. Vearl Moyer Says:

    Andrea says wow Kevin bang the future ex like there is no tomorrow.

  39. Nick Kimball Says:

    Andrea says, “See, I told you I didn’t think they were THAT gay!”

  40. John, I would like you to meet our new neighbors

  41. Hey guys, do any of you know (CPR). I think this guy is dead..

  42. Hey guys do any of you know (CPR)? I think this guy Kevin (THE KNIGHTRIDER) Is dead LITERALY..

  43. Kevin is king Says:

    “Does this red-head guy make my ass look fat?”

  44. This would be more fun without these guys.

  45. Mom to daugher.. ” now honey, push back real hard when he pumps you… it really gets it there!”

  46. Hey girl whats for dinner

  47. That’s correct. Not only am I a Jehovah’s Witness, I also sell insurance.

  48. Says:

    Sure but can you chew gum at the same time like me!

  49. Says:

    Sure Gina, but can you chew gum at the same time like me!

  50. ” I enjoy this much more than training Ugandan children to scuba dive!”

  51. So who wants a moustache ride.

  52. What goes on in playboy radio meetings after blaming the morning show for everything.

  53. See honey this is how we got straight A’s when I was in college.

  54. scott paul Says:

    Maybe we should try this with our husbands sometime .

  55. wanta do something exciting after this like shopping for shoes ?

  56. Your right Betty your has and sucks in bed

  57. I think your taking be nice to a redhead day a little too far

  58. Shit I forgot to DVR American idol

  59. Halfway through, LSU in gold is on top while Alabama in red is pushing hard to come from behind by ramming it up the middle

  60. I told you my husband is good.

  61. I think it’s time to do the ‘Golden Gate’!!

  62. When Fred asked to sleep with Beth, she said only if you were the last man on earth. Fred luckily was the last redhead on earth!

  63. Go ahead Kevin. Give her the best 20 seconds she ever had.

  64. mike turner Says:

    OMG!!! You were right, Andrea! Red really is the most poignant!

  65. I got way more pleasure from are weekend with Andrea!

  66. Did you hear something, I hope a pervert didn’t break into the house

  67. scott in nova scotia, canada Says:

    This Kevin Klein inflatable doll is fucking awesome— much better than the real thing…..

  68. This is the best mustache ride ever, and is that a Pricaso painting you have on the ceiling?

  69. “You’re right, his dick is so small you can’t even feel it.”

  70. I hope mom and dad don’t catch us.

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