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Wednesday, 11/30/2011

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Did we get a surprise this morning! We thought we were just going to interview Playboy Co-Ed of the Week Neo Jalteck instead we ended up crashing a date. Neo called in this morning in the same outfit, a tight green spandex dress, that she was wearing last night and while she was still in bed with the her date. NICE! We found out that Neo is one sexy spontaneous girl, so spontaneous the she met her mystery UFC fighter date at the mall yesterday afternoon, went out with him last night and was still enjoying him this morning. We like it when our Playboy Beauties are fun and fearless!

We also awarded our coveted Heffy Award this morning to WWII Vet & POW, Irwin Stovroff, who is helping his follow Vets with the Vets Helping Heroes Organization. He provides service dogs to disable vets. Irwin is definitely Hef-tastic!

Tuesday, 11/29/2011

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We thought we would help you out this morning and give you a little insight into Playboy’s Best Year of Your Life contest. Editorial Director for Playboy, Jimmy Jellinek, called in this morning to fill us in on how incredible this contest is. We’re not talking about lame prizes like hair gel, we’re talking about NFL tickets to any game, trips, motorcycles, etc. etc. etc.!  Playboy means business when they say that 2012 will be the BEST YEAR OF YOUR LIFE but that’s only if you enter!

With tonight being the Annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, we wanted to one up her by bringing you our 1st Annual Dirty Little Secret Lingerie Fashion Show. Victoria may have girls in lingerie but we had girls in lingerie who shared with us the naughty acts they’ve done while wearing that particular outfit. Check out our Models & their Dirty Secrets …

  • February RadioMate Sherra Michelle looked hot in her blue & black corset as she told us about the time she hooked up with her female boss while working! Click here to see her sexy strut!
  • Gorgeous Playboy Live Model Sara Sue fashioned her sexy bright pink ruffle lingerie outfit and told us about the time she had sex with “someone” (girl or guy) who walked in Sara after this person over heard her having a naughty sex talk while on the phone.  Check out her catwalk!
  • Next Dirty Little Secret that we heard came from Playboy Live Model Mishka! She showed off her assets in a leopard print baby doll outfit while she told us about the time she got naughty with a married couple & her friends as she was leaving the Playboy Mansion. Here is her HOT runway walk!
  • Our last beauty to show off her little black skirt & bra was Playboy Live Model Kyara! Don’t get jealous boys but this girl has had the privilege of flicking Andrea’s boob. Turn ON! Kyara’s Dirty Little Secret was when she decided to get some after a break up. She dressed up in her mini skirt, went to a bar, had a guy buy her a drink & took him home. He gave her what she needed and kicked him out. Check out this HOT little outfit!

Monday, 11/28/2011

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We’re baaaackkkkkk! Miss us? We came back from our Turkey Break with stories of Andrea’s Costa Rica sexcapades! After hearing all her stories, we are all down to celebrate Thanksgiving abroad with Andrea next year. Former Governor Jesse Ventura called in this morning to welcome us back and to light the fire under all of us. Make sure to pick up his books American Conspiracies and 63 Documents the Government Doesn’t Want You To Read.

Since today was Cyber Monday for all you crazy shoppers, we decided to celebrate the day with lovely Playboy Cyber Girls! Current Cyber Girl of the Week, Eliza Carson, called in to the show to tell us just how perfect she is. We mean it, this girl is every guy’s dream come true! She’ll cook for you, clean up after you, hell, she even knows how to grill. Not to mention, she makes sure you’re taken care of while you watch football and doesn’t want you to hold back any dirty talk in the bedroom. TURN ON!

After chatting with Eliza, our Miss January RadioMate Kari Nautique joined us in the Mini Mansion this morning. She came by cause she missed us, oh, and to tell us that we will be seeing her naked pictures in Playboy’s Cyber Club next year! Lucky us!


Our celebration of Cyber Girl Monday wouldn’t be complete without Playboy’s Cyber Girl of the Year! Bethanie Badertscher woke up early just for us to wish us a Happy Cyber Monday and to remind everyone that the one and only website you should visit today is Playboy’s Cyber Club. So don’t hesitate … go … do it now!

New Car…Toon-Up!

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We’re back, and so is your weekly Playboy Car…Toon-Up!

Give us your best caption for the cartoon below and win cool Playboy stuff!

Friday, 11/18/2011

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Before we went on our week break for Thanksgiving we had to get another Sex Ed Lesson from our Sexy Teacher Miss Sofia Love. Since no one on the Morning Show crew NEVER received “The Talk” we brought Sofia in to give us a little chat. After we got the PG & X Rated versions of “The Talk” we went straight for our “anonymous” Mystery Box questions.


In honor of The National Dog Show that takes place every Thanksgiving, John O’Hurley kicked off our First Annual Breast in Show! Brad Williams & Pet Agent Amanda from Hollywood Pets joined us in studio to determine which Playboy Pup is BREAST! Our contestants … Playmate Kimberly Phillips with her cute pup Chance, Playboy Model & Host of The Morning After Jessica Hall with her little guy Warren and Playboy TV & Morning Show RadioMate Dani Mathers with her gentle gal Brooklyn!

We put our Playboy Gals & their Playboy Pups through various rounds … Talent, Obedience & Dog/Owner Q&A!!! Dani & Brooklyn demonstrated a very nice Downward Dog, Kim & Chance performed a nice twirl and Jessica & Warren showed off how well he can walk into a box!

And our FIRST ANNUAL BREAST IN SHOW winner is … PLAYBOY PLAYMATE Kimberly Phillips & her handsome pup CHANCE!

Thursday, 11/17/2011

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After being out with the Morning Show crew last night, it’s amazing we made it through the morning! Good thing we had boobies & booze to get us through it. Body artist Justine joined us this morning for 2nd Bra Breaking News segment. Her canvas … Playboy Model Carrie Lynn. With SO many headlines grabbing our attention this past month we decided to do a combo Herman Cain/Occupy Wall Street Bra-Line! Now, this is how we like to get our news! Check out more pictures in our Bra Breaking News Gallery.


Our official PB Morning Show Sexy Mixologist Heather Storm came in studio to get us a little tipsy! Ok, ok … to get us even more tipsy! She came supplied with Cruzan Rum and made some specialty holiday themed cocktails for us. The rum was the perfect fit for Playboy’s Movie of the Month, “The Rum Diary.” All we can say is Heather can make a mean Cruzan Cocktail & we love her for that!


Wednesday, 11/16/2011

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Playboy Playmate Miss December 2011 Rainy Day Jordan started our morning on the right foot! And before you ask, yes, Rainy Day is her LEGAL name. She’s dreamt about being in the pages of Playboy since she was in 5th grade. We were able to get her to give us her Underwear Update and to our surprise she told us she was not wearing any … BONUS! She’s been panty-less since the time she went camping & accidentally forgot to pack some. During her Pick Six, we learned that a guy wearing Crocs is a deal breaker, she gets a “sphinx” waxing (meaning she’s 100% bare), her favorite part of her body are her boobies & her favorite sex position is reverse cowgirl! We love her already!

The “Most Hated Man on the Internet” Noel Biderman was in studio talking about the premise behind his brain child This site, is designed to connect people in relationships who are looking to have affairs to get what they’re not getting at home. As much as his site is controversial, you can’t argue with the12 million members in over 17 different countries. Noel developed his company after his many years as a Sports Attorney who dealt with a lot of infidelity cases.  He also told us that he developed this website for women & that women use the site more than men. Go figure!

In keeping with a certain theme, Heidi Fleiss called in this morning too! No, not to talk about being the Hollywood Madame but to talk about her new show on the Animal Planet. Again, before you ask, yes, she was calling to talk about her Animal Planet show “Heidi Fleiss: From Prostitutes to Parrots.” Funny fact about her parrots is that she actually has a parrot named GINA! Apparently, Gina can’t stop saying F*%@. Check out her show tonight at 10pm ET/PT on the Animal Planet. Also, be on the lookout for a new LEGAL dating show she’ll be doing.

We welcomed Hooters 2012 Calendar Girls in the Mini Mansion for some Know It or Show It fun! Danielle, Afton, Chelsea, Victoria & Claudia were looking AMAZING in their little, and we mean little, Hooters uniforms. The girls were not only all on board to show off their assets but were being very strategic in wanting one girl, uhmmm Claudia, take it all off. And they succeeded! By the way, be sure to Support the Troops with a 2012 Hooters Calendar. Buy a calendar for a soldier & Hooters we’ll make sure it gets to them no matter where they’re stationed at.

Our First Annual Playmate Dog Show!

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Are you a Playboy Playmate? Are you in Los Angeles this week? DO YOU OWN A TALENTED, ADORABLE DOG?!

If you answered “YES!” to all three questions, then this is for you!

* The Playboy Morning Show is hosting our first annual “Breast in Show” competition! The event is similar to the Westminster Kennel Club dog show, but with Playboy Playmates and their dogs – to see which Playmate has the most talented pooch!

* The goal of this competition to draw awareness to the need for animals to find loving homes this holiday season, and to encourage people to rescue a pet from their local animal shelter.

* Actor John O’Hurley (Seinfeld, Dancing With the Stars, Spamalot), host of The National Dog Show, will kick off the competition via phone, from Philadelphia.  

* The competition will feature an Obedience Round, a Talent Round, a Costume Round, and a Canine Q&A Round with the owners. This will determine which Playmate and Pooch will be named “Breast in Show.”

* Judges will include celebrity animal lovers, and a pet agent from Hollywood Paws. So, if your pooch has what it takes to be a star, they could get signed on the spot!

* The competition takes place this Friday, November 18th at 9 a.m. in the Playboy Radio Studies – a.k.a. The “Mini Mansion.”

DOES YOUR PLAYMATE DOG HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO WIN?! Email immediately! We’ll get back to you with all the details.


Tuesday, 11/15/2011

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What a day! What a day! World Champion Jouster Charlie Andrews from Nat Geo’s “Knights of Mayhem” joined us on the phone this morning to talk about the incredible sport of jousting!  If Charlie has his way, you will soon see jousting as a main stream sport. It turns out that one injury that he’s endured was when he hurt his wrist while “reading” a Playboy. HA! On top of wanting to make jousting a main stream sport, Charlie would like to have a jousting match at the Playboy Mansion in the Grotto. We’ll do our best to make that happen!

Our Sexy September RadioMate Tawnie Lynn joined us in studio this morning to pass the RadioMate Mic to our newest November RadioMates! Yes, we said RadioMates! TWIN RadioMates! Carla & Melissa Howe went tittie to tittie to tittie as Tawnie Lynn passed on the torch to our twins.

New RadioMates means another sexy photo shoot with our gorgeous Playboy Morning Show photographer Krystle Lina! Here are some behind the scenes pictures of Krystle hard at work with our twin RadioMates…


While our RadioMate Photo Shoot was taking place in studio, we welcomed retired porn actress turned main stream actress Katie Morgan to the Mini Mansion. You may have recognized Katie in the Seth Rogan film ‘Zack & Miri Make a Porno’ and as a host on several HBO shows. We credit her with inventing the Fuck Me Voice! Her voice just makes you want to get it on. Katie told us that even though she considers herself to be 85% straight, she loves having sex with guys & girls. We’re not complaining!

Monday, 11/14/2011

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Actor, singer and icon Robert Davi joined us for one Hef-tastic morning today. Gina was SO excited! He definitely hits the spot with all the girls he comes in contact with. Davi is that ‘Bad Guy’ every girl wants without the ‘Bad Guy’ consequences.

While he was in studio, we learned a lot about the Rat Pack days when Davi was lucky enough to join in on. Davi’s first Jack Daniel’s drink was given to him by the one and only Frank Sinatra. You have to check out his tribute album to Sinatra, “Davi Sings Sinatra: On the Road to Romance,” he definitely pulls off Sinatra’s cool factor! Another cool factor that Davi told us about, was the time he was casted in the Bond Film ‘Licence to Kill.’ Get this, he was told to cast the girlfriend for his character. Basically, Davi was given 16 girls to choose from and he had the say in which girl he was going to be intimate with him on-screen. This guy has all the luck!