Brand new Car…Toon-Up!

Give us your best caption for this week’s cartoon, found in the pages of Playboy

…and win a pair of Bed Stu Rustic Taurus Teak Boots! Retail value – $190!

105 Responses to “Brand new Car…Toon-Up!”

  1. Caption for the cartoon. “Must find lube”

  2. Zach tullous Says:

    At least I still have my vibrator

  3. Cum…….cum….. I can’t crawl another inch with out cum.

  4. How Andrea gets every time Jaron hits on her.

  5. Andrea: Last time I drove off that cliff there was water in this bay.

  6. mark timmis Says:

    I guess I should have fucked him when he said put out or get out!

  7. Andrea going through a dry spell

  8. gina says” where did I put that fucking wig”

  9. I guess this dildo is useless… It’s dry as a desert down here.

  10. Oh y did i go to lez vegas again without my back up iphone -Andrea

  11. Batteries…. Batteries…. I need batteries!!!

  12. Next on Survivor Playboy edition

  13. I knew I shouldn’t have buried him, know I have to do it myself…again

  14. Steve noyes Says:

    Where’s all the Mexicans

  15. David MacNaughton aka tinythetrucker Says:

    (Knowing that kevin will not get this I feel the urge to explain that my reference is based from Back to the future) ” That’s the last time I accept a ride in a Delorean at 88 miles per hour. At leaste I still have my favorite dildo.

  16. If only my pussy would get wet, I wouldn’t be so thirsty,

  17. Come back…..(I guess I should have told him this dildo was for me)

  18. Chick coming in to be A guest on The Playboy Morning Show says “I’m lost I cant find the studio, they said it was right off the freeway!”

  19. “Fuck’n Jeron, at least give me the batties back!!!!!”

  20. Lady Gaggag had a rough night….. again!!

  21. When I asked Siri “Where is Andrea Lowell?” It gave me direction here, thank god for the Andrea Lowell-cater for iPhone!!

  22. Drew scheetz Says:

    Can you say what the fuck did I do last night

  23. Danny Stewart Says:

    That hangover movie was spot on…. Vegas did me dirty again, don’t remember a thing. Now trying to explain this to my mom who took me on this Vegas vacation won’t be easy.

  24. Chris Franco Says:

    And as Kevin realized he was going to hallucinate soon and possibly see a mirage, he never intended he would soon turn into Andrea Lowell.

  25. Gina’s next play… “Adventures of Andrea Lowell”… looks like Gina’s new wig is paying off!

  26. i was only kidding when i said all i need to survive is my dildo

  27. Zach Tullous Says:

    The only benefit of this drout is I found my favorite vibrator

  28. Fuck Miami. I’m going back to L.A. and playboy Spanish channel and reproduce.

  29. Recently discovered; the place where old porn stars go to die.


  31. Naked and to be always pleasured ok, but I had to ask for someplace hot as my last wish?

  32. Holy Fuck Kevin where are you?

  33. Darrell Ocholoko Says:

    after 3 weeks, i still can’t find the nipple meridian!

  34. lewis lawrence Says:

    The salesmen said the batteries were lifetime, now I know what he

  35. So thirsty… Damn! I knew I should have swallowed!!

  36. Pussy so dry…must find cocktus plant!

  37. GOD, these punchlines SUCK! Step it up or shut up, people!

  38. Tod Kimmey Says:

    panting “KY” “KY”

  39. Last time I fall for “damn baby you get so wet you could flood a desert”

  40. ryandunlopski Says:

    Andrea- where. Is the korean lover?? He left without his pants on.. NO NO PUT YOUR PANTS ON!!!

  41. Does this desert make my ass look big?

  42. Playmate Dicktionary word of the day! I thought the sign said dessert we needed whip cream for our party.

  43. A naked girl, a beach, a vibrator and no hasselhoff, wtf?

  44. And I thought my knees were sore last night?

  45. Lady in Red my ass, 5 years trecking to Lez Vegas… The Andrea.. College weekends…HMMM.. I smell the “GENA”..

  46. Hey Jaron, Come back…. You left the Blue thingy…

  47. What kind of scavenger hunt is this? A dildo in a haystack, a golf ball in a sand trap. This is what you call foreplay?


  49. More travel budget cuts for the PB Morningshow, Thanks Farrel!!

  50. I wish I didn’t loose the directions to the bunny ranch….

  51. If Wiley Coyote was here, I could get some ACME batteries mailed to me, here in the desert……

  52. Jesus H Christ !! When the hell are they going to make solar powered vibrators???

  53. Now only if Wile E. Coyote was here..I could get some ACME batteries sent to me out here…..

  54. (After getting dilusional in the desert)..Hey,look at that cactus over there,that would be perfect for 1 in the stink and 1 in the pink……

  55. I should turn this thing off,my hands cramping up…..

  56. This is all that’s left of the grotto after
    a 70’s porn star reunion.

  57. This is the last time I trust SIRI for directions to a battery store!

  58. ” This is the last time I take mushrooms in Lez Vegas!!”

  59. Dumb Blonde: Everytime I try and drink from this, I chip my teeth…

  60. Really Kevin I’m Amazing….The dildo is for me I swear..

  61. Today on 90’s Porn Star Survivor, the doggystyle, dido, dirty hooker crawl.

  62. Damn L.A. traffic and time changes. I’ve got an interwiew, Know It or Show it, BOOBING for Apples, with Kevin and Andrea on the PB Morning Show. This GPS just doesn’t work right. Where’s Scott Alexader when you need him?

  63. OMG….I can’t believe Robin Leach was so pissed…I thought he would do anything…

  64. Hey dude, you listened to Jaron’s “THRIFTY TIP” also.. Damn Blue balls.

  65. If it weren’t for my vibrator, id be really screwed!

  66. if it weren’t for my vibrator, Id be screwed right now!

  67. Lonnie Roberts Says:

    What a woman wouldn’t do for batteries!!!

  68. Wait a minute, where are my U.F.C. tickets !

  69. Dammnit Erica, That was super glue!

  70. chrisfromfla Says:

    Wait! where’s my ufc tickets!

  71. chrisfromfla Says:

    You bastard! give me those fat pants back!

  72. chrisfromfla Says:

    Here kitty kitty, I got room in my gayradge….

  73. oscar from mexico Says:

    I shouldn’t have told him to ask for directions.

  74. scott in nova scotia, canada Says:

    Get back here Jaron !!! I promise it wont hurt —- much…

  75. I knew I should have taken that left turn at Albuquerque!
    (Bugs Bunny ref for those of you wondering)

  76. DAMN! Its just a water hole, still no place to buy batteries!

  77. “If I just stay in this position, I should be able to get a ride”

  78. Will Gunn Says:

    Who needs big tits when you’ve got an ass like this

  79. See guys, even if that vibrator had a paycheck they still cant survive without us

  80. Damn Kevin,,he said just down the road past the Mirage, now I’m seeing a Mirage…..

  81. This wouldn’t be a desert if my damn batteries didn’t run out…

  82. WHo’s HORNier?

  83. Andrea says.. Oh my god am I in the hangover 3

  84. Dam you Herman Cain… there is no job here and my mouth is still stretched out!!

  85. David Olson Says:

    This is how Andrea gets her adopted Ugandans.

  86. David Olson Says:

    Andrea says “Where are all of my adopted Ugandans? Come back!”

  87. junior3out Says:

    HELLO! I will fuck you for those bed stu rustic taurus teak boots! My fricking knees hurt!

  88. Gina: “Wait…Tyrese…this wig…it’ll work on our next project…wait!”

  89. Well, I guess one last hoorah in my hooha is the way to go.

  90. I knew I should’ve brought my kneepads.

  91. Kevin is the most awesomest, coolest, bestest radio host ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now, maybe I will win the Car…Toon-Up!!!

  92. Looks like andreas GPSEX
    fucked her again!

  93. Bottled water…need bottled water

  94. Where the hell is Aphrodisiac Ice Cream when you need them!

  95. Andrea decided to crawl naked to Vegas rather than play “Can we get to 11”!

  96. scott in nova scotia, canada Says:

    FUCK YOU Playboy robot and your shitty directions !!!!

  97. scott in nova scotia, canada Says:

    Where the hell is a Quicky Mart when you need one….

  98. And then i woke up,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,In a Bukkake.

  99. SSgt Olsom Says:

    The saying is “Get out of your clothes, or get out of my car” not both!

  100. It’s so dry out here…how will I ever get more Vaginal Activity?

  101. kevinrules Says:

    noooooo not another can you get to 10

  102. I can’t believe it. Kevin is always playing pranks. Now i know he hid the batteries out here somewhere.

  103. ( Steve Irwin voice) Aw crikey, its the washed up 90’s porn star, she must be on her way to night calls.

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