Monday, 11/07/2011

We got back to work this morning with sex & ice cream! Aphrodisiac Ice Cream owners Jacqueline & Justin joined us to talk about how they came up with this genius idea. Jacqueline, who just happens to be a Playboy Girl of Golf, was the brains behind the idea when she had a craving for ice cream at 4am & thought how great it would be if there were HOT girls serving ice cream to those stumbling out of night clubs. She mentioned it to her boyfriend Justin and he ran with it! He convinced her that an Ice Cream Truck made more sense financially than an ice cream shop  & together they thought of serving ice cream with natural aphrodisiacs in it to help guys & gals get it on.

These two erotic ice cream lovers are sexing up America one scoop at a time and hopefully they will soon serve booze induced ice cream drinks. We approve! Right now, the Aphrodisiac Ice Cream Truck is cruising on the streets of Miami and we hope they travel to the Mini Mansion soon. Did we mention that this Adult Friendly Ice Cream Truck has stripper poles on it? Well it does! And we couldn’t more jealous of Miami.

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