Tuesday, 11/08/2011

Gorgeous Playboy Playmate Miss July 2008 Laura Croft chatted with us this morning about her new sexy passion Night School 4 Girls  at the Excalibur in Las Vegas. Laura is the perfect face for this amazing new attraction since she not only lives Vegas but is always partying. Bachelorette’s listen up! This is a NO BOYS ALLOWED school that allows you to get down & dirty while learning the art of stripping, burlesque & pole dancing. These naughty classes encourage stiff cocktails & makes for a great excuse to get crazy sexy! Don’t worry ladies, Kevin’s idea of a two-way mirror “guys spy” package is not something that will happen.


It was another Special Editions Tuesday today! Lingerie & Natural Beauty Special Edition Playboy Model Jessica Workman joined us on our Hot Chick Hot Line. Surprisingly, Jessica was carded to prove she was old enough to buy her own Special Editions. Thankfully, she is a very HOT 19-year-old. We felt like gambling this morning so we decided to play our infamous game of Coochie Casino! Yup, we bet on her Sexual History. The things we do! Even though Andrea & Gina won a bet or two, we all won when we learned that Jessica’s favorite sex position is doggy/lazy doggy & she had a few passionate make out sessions with a couple other girls.

We did some scientific work this morning with Playboy Live model Miss Bodhi to bust the sexual myth “Women & Dirty Movies.” Before we started testing this Sex Myth, we got to  know Miss Bodhi a bit. We found out that Miss Bodhi is very kinky and is sexually spontaneous. So spontaneous, she jumped in the back of a strangers pick up truck and started having sex with her boyfriend at the time (key word: “at the time”). NICE! Once we had Miss Bodhi’s back story, we were able to conduct our science experiment and hooked her up to a blood pressure monitor. Dr. Andrea was in charge of monitoring our subject as we proceeded to show her different types of erotica. The results … Lesbian Porn and All Female Orgy Dirty Movies got her blood pumping!


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