Thursday, 11/10/2011

Things got really hot & heavy this morning. It started getting steamy in the Mini Mansion the moment Playboy’s Cyber Girl of the Week Sarah Jane returned to the show. We first met her a few years back when we played Strip Guitar Hero & now she’s a Cyber Girl! It so great to see our girls grow into the Playboy Family. Sarah not only loves being naked but she can save your life at the same time. Seriously, her fulltime job is being a lifeguard and a swim instructor. In fact, she saved the lives of two “18-year-old” girls, who in our minds were only wearing bikinis while she was on vacation for Spring Break. Keeping with the theme of doing great things on Spring Break, we found out that she lost her virginity during her time off school.

After we got all worked up with Cyber Girl Sarah Jane, singer/actor Tyrese joined us in studio to really get the girls going. Just his voice got the girls turned on. His new CD “Open Invitation” (uhmm…in stores now) is all about sexing up the woman in your life. He played Andrea a few songs of his new album “Make Love,” “Stay” and “Best of Me.” Andrea had to remove her jacket because she was getting all hot & bothered, but then again all the girls on the show were. Tyrese shared with us that he’s made a few women cry when they orgasm & has made ladies legs quiver making them weak in the knees. Literally, one fan collapsed and crawled to Tyrese’s feet at a CD signing event. Guys, definitely get this album if you want to get it on! It’s an instant turn on!


One Response to “Thursday, 11/10/2011”

  1. Love listening to the show and it makes my day hearing u guys every morning….keep up the good job!!

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